Top 13 Halle Berry Pregnant Boobs Links

28 10 2007

Halle Berry’s boobs, modified by pregnancy, have become a worldwide sensation after her appearanceon the red carpet for her upcoming film “Things We Lost In The Fire”. With little help from BUZZFEED and Google, I’ve collected some links for ya!

Here are the top 8 CLEAVAGE links from BUZZFEED: (click HERE for the xml feed)

  1. Holy Cleavage, Catwoman! by
  2. “I am mesmerized by Halle Berry’s boobage.”  by
  3. Halle Berry’s Breasts Confuse Talkshow Host by
  4. Hopefully, Halle Berry’s Cleavage Will Make Up for Her Crappy Movie by
  5. Halle Berry’s Cleavage Opens A Restaurant by
  6. Bruce Willis Inpects Halle’s Chest by
  7. Pre-Baby Cleavage On Maxim by
  8. Cleavage Played A Major Roll In That One James Bond Film by

Here are some pure BOOB links I found all on me own:

And that’s all she showed folks.


RNC Got FARKED!! (Pix)

11 10 2007

A friend passed this one to me and I just couldn’t resist passing it on:

[via] Fark Logo
The Republicans unveiled their new national convention logo. Design something better in five minutes.
KellyLockhart [TotalFark]

The ‘O’fficial design

THEN THE FUN STARTS!!  Here are my favorites so far.

 200 yrs of tradition by Godscrack

WWRJD? by butthold

And those are just two of many many entries that all deserve to win.  Go see them all here:

nJoy L8s

~V~ Pass it On!!

5 09 2007

V Seal

Why?  Cause I thought it was kewl!!!

Intelligent Design VS Humans With Tails (PIX, NSFW?)

3 09 2007

This rather fascinating article from,Tails in Humans ” , points out a little hole in the irrational rationalizations of those who whole heartedly believe in Intelligent Design (ID).  The ID fundamentalists of the world (read: America), refuse to accept that humans evolved from apes.  Well then, how would one explain this:

dude with tail

That’s right ladies and gents, 1 in every 100,000 humans are borne with a little tail.  Usually, the “defect” is “fixed” at birth.

Don’t forget to read the whole article HERE: Tails in Humans ” 

Cause there is alot more than a couple of pictures…

Knowledge is power!

World’s Largest Breasts (NSFW PIX)

3 08 2007

Breasts, Tits, Boobs, Fun Bags, whatever you like to call em, we all like to look at em.  Thanks to Linkswarm (see button link on right), TMBBITW can now direct you to the “World’s Largest Breasts“.

Just follow this link: The World’s Largest Breasts (via) Body Philosophy

Here’s an except that just made me laugh my ass off: 

It’s good to have ambition: becoming the first female president… learning to speak nine languages… or, you know, possessing the largest breasts on the planet. The following ladies apparently never met a bag of saline or silicone they didn’t want to take home […]

Click the link and read the article to see the tittays!!

Big ups to Body Philosophy for putting together this AWESOME collection!!

First Glimpse Of Indiana Jones In 2007!! (Pix)

22 06 2007

This is it:

Indiana Shot By Spielburg

From what I can tell it was first seen on a Danish blog, who got it from Spielburg himself!!

Indy looks a bit old there, but its still pretty damn cool!!

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Lesbian Hot 100 vs Maxims Hot 100

7 06 2007

The “Lesbian Hot 100” comes from and I have to say that it’s got some merit and some hot ass chicks. Also, of note on the Lesbian 100 is Lindsay Lohan in NOT number one, which is a BIG advantage. However, both lists have their diffucult aspects to get over. So lets see which list wins in a knock out winner take all fight to the death.

To see the Lesbian list click here: The Lesbian Hot 100 List via

Lets compare the two top 5’s shall we?
Lesbian List:

  1. Leisha Hailey
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Kate Winslet
  4. Lena Headey
  5. Sarah Shahi

Maxim List:

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Jessica Alba
  3. Scarlett Johansson
  4. Christina Aguilera
  5. Jessica Biel

While I have no clue who 3 out of the five ladies are on the Lesbian list, and many of them seem to be from “The L Word”, they are hot. However, the number one on the Maxim list is the L word, so that really kills any build up.  Also, Angelina Jolie is no where to be seen on the Maxim TOP TEN!! ( read:WTFAREYOUCRAZY?!?!?!)  While Jolie is nombre two on the Lezzy list, that’s a big thumbs up from us.

On the other hand, number 3 – 5 on the Maxim list pretty much kill 3 – 5 on the lesbian list. I mean not having Scarlett Johanssen in the top 5 should be a sexual sin. Oh, and if you look futher down on the Lesbian list they have Helen Mirren at number 31!?!?!?! WTF? That’s not sexy, that’s a fetish!!  Once you look at the lists in total, the lezzy one starts to get kinda weird in some areas, really really weird at least from a dude’s perspective.

I hate to say it but there is no clear cut winner. Maxim may not have the right order, but they have the right ladies. AfterEllen may not have all the right ladies, but they’ve got their heads on their shoulders and not up their asses. I think this clipping from the article, describing the differences between the two lists best exemplifies why this is a shitty tie:

Eight of the top 10 women on our list aren’t mentioned anywhere on the Maxim list (Angelina Jolie and Lena Headey are the exceptions), and only four of the women who made Maxim‘s top 10 (Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Lindsay Lohan) appear somewhere on the list.

Well that was way less kewl than I thought it was going to be. Check out the boobies in my VOD:POD on the right to help cheer you up!!

I do encourage everyone to look at The Lesbian Hot 100 List via, because it does open the hetero male’s eyes to alot of hotties that we may otherwise not be exposed to.

Good on Ya Keep Up the Good Work!!