How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac via

5 06 2007

This hack is so simple I am humbled to stupidity in its presence.

Follow the link to see the extremely brief and easy to follow tutorial with download links!!

HERE: How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac [via]

Enjoy, you macheads you!! A Browser Based Multiplayer Strategy Game

2 06 2007 is in the now requisite “invite” phase of launching.  If you don’t already know what it WeeWar is then just chek out the below: is a round based strategy game featuring real action on real maps. Up to 6 players command their colorful pixel armies against each other on the many maps available.

And since it is all happening in the browser Weewar can be played from anywhere – including the office 🙂

Not that I would ever advocate wasting valuable office time on anything other than trying to bother your fellow employees, and perhaps your employer, at any other time than the first 4 hours after you arrive and the last 4 hours before you leave if time allows, remember you must get home early to feed the dog or some other such nonsense.  Oh, Don’t forget to take lunch though for at least a 2 hour period so you have time to adequately digest your lunch and take a nice nap in your car.

Aside from the office, I have requested an invite with the following message attached:

 Re: WeeWar: Invite Request “Flavor”

As to the aspect of “Flavor”,

If it matters at all, I am the admin/owner over at TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld ( and I do all the … well everything really, cause I’m the only poor sod writing at the moment.  However, TMBBITW does get a good amount of traffic for a shite blog that focuses on hacking, boobs and other assorted geekerotica.  Of course, its hard to not get traffic when you focus on hacking and boobs, especially the boobs. Actually boobs alone will get you some traffic as long as you’re not an asstard and you have a bunch of adware and pop ups and crap google context ads.  Lost my thread there, oh what I meant to say was I’d like to review weewar on me blog!!

If that makes no difference then I’ll come right out and say it.  I’d like the fast track on the invite-o-thon to WeeWar because I’m a greedy little bastard that likes to play games and have all the “kewl” and or “l33t sh!t” before any of the “script kiddies” and or “skiddies” get their grubby little mits on it (actually I could really give a crap about skids, no pun intended cause I hate puns. I just wanted to sound like a hip cat if you catch my drift…moving on).  Ooooh Yes, I went there.  I might as well have said “I want my Oompa Loompa NOW!!” and then gotten flushed down the bad egg chute, while Gene Wilder plays that weird little flute.

Oh BTW, I also make the occasional attempt at fighting for net freedom, which usually means bothering someone until I feel that I’ve won a moral victory or I get scared that they’ll find me and beat me into IPv6.

In all seriousness, either way, invite or not, good luck with the launch!!  It looks like you have a good thing going on here and I already wished you the best of luck with it, but I’ll do it again just cause I’ve run out of “flavor” at the moment and I refuse to wear a large clock on a rope around my neck.

Best of luck.

Keep on rockin in the semi-free…ish world,
“Tilting at windmills since 1969”

I hope I win!!

Oh um… Don’t forget to request your invite here:


30 05 2007

Hai 2 U everyone,

therealdonquixote here.  Just wanted to let anyone who cares an update on why I haven’t been posting much lately.  I am working on a hybrid Ubuntu Feisty Fawn + Backtrack 2.0 linux distro.  I have no clue if I will be able to release it or anything cause Remote Exploit has all the say on how their shizzle is delt with.

However, after some experimenting and alot pain in the ass work with reconstructor  (and some serious moments of self loathing) I have a semi working prototype.  I am trying to get a balance between the massive amounts of pen testing tools and the “it just works” user friendliness of Ubuntu.  Of course I have to mix GNOME and KDE so this is a first for me cause I don’t know crap about GNOME or really Ubuntu for that matter.  I just started fiddling with Ubuntu when Darknet reccomended Ubuntu Ultimate Edition, btw thnx for the intro darknet.  Anyways, hope to have something solid so I don’t have to triple boot Window$, Ubuntu and Backtrack anymore.

I also have some other projects that I started but never finished that I really need to get done.  Including that FireFox extension for linkswarm that I promised would be done like a month ago.  srry vas

So, I’m gonna be doing more working than blogging for a bit.  However, if I come across anything I’ll post it in my vast expanse of free time 😉

Keep on Hackin Bored Peeps!!


BTW – I’ll try and weed out the spam comments a little better.  Took me an hour or so just to get rid of the last batch of crap.  Jeez step away from your baby for a week and the spam cocks go butt wild.  (On a side note if you spammers could just dissapear for an infinite spanse of time, that would be great.)

Wakoopa – Tracks Your Software Usage For You?

3 05 2007

Wakoopa – Software gone social

Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile. Ready for you to share with the world. Why? Because what you use on your desktop is who you are!

Ok so here’s the deal, you sign up and and download their little bit of software that tracks what software you use…

This both seems like a great idea and a horrible hacking attack waiting to happen. I like the reviews and seeing whats out there that I might not even know about, but still…

You have to let a piece of third party software run in the background on the desktop.  A piece of software that tracks what executable files you use.  A piece of software that is constantly relaying info to the Wakoopa servers.

I’m leaning towards not using this neat looking service, but only because I’m a total privacy paranoid freak and I can only imagine the hacking possibilities.

Anyone out there use Wakoopa?  Any hackers see any vulnerabilities in their software or website?  I just want to keep peeps safe before they download what is basically a Trojan.

BTW – To the peeps over at Wakoopa, it really is a great idea and I love how everything is set up.  I just have some security worries.  Good job though.


20 04 2007

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

21 12 2006

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis [via] Healthbolt

Total repost:

Some of these are real eye openers! Some of them are rather dubious. Almost all are entertaining. No. 14 is particularly interesting. From Men’s Health:

1. Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you don’t care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the li’l guy.

2. Doctors can now grow skin for burn victims using the foreskins of circumcised infants. One foreskin can produce 23,000 square meters, which would be enough to tarp every Major League infield with human flesh.

3. An enlarged prostate gland can cause both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If you have an unexplained case of either, your doctor’s looking forward to checking your prostate. Even if you’re not.

4. The average male orgasm lasts 6 seconds. Women get 23 seconds. Which means if women were really interested in equality, they’d make sure we have four orgasms for every one of theirs.

5. The oldest known species with a penis is a hard-shelled sea creature called Colymbosathon ecplecticos. That’s Greek for “amazing swimmer with large penis.” Which officially supplants Buck Naked as the best porn name, ever.

6. Circumcised foreskin can be reconstructed. Movable skin on the shaft of the penis is pulled toward the tip and set in place with tape. Later, doctors apply plastic rings, caps, and weights. Years can pass until complete coverage is attained. . . . Okay, we’ll shut up now.

7. Only one man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral pleasure. It’s estimated, however, that all 400 have given it their best shot at some point.

8. There are two types of penises. One kind expands and lengthens when becoming erect (a grower). The other appears big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after achieving erection (a shower).

9. An international Men’s Health survey reports that 79 percent of men have growers, 21 percent have showers.

10. German researchers say the average intercourse lasts 2 minutes, 50 seconds, yet women perceive it as lasting 5 minutes, 30 seconds. Are we that good or that bad?

11. Turns out size does matter: The longer your penis, the better “semen displacement” you’ll achieve when having sex with a woman flush with competing sperm. That’s according to researchers at the State University of New York, who used artificial phalluses (ahem) to test the “scooping” mechanism of the penis’s coronal ridge. Next up: curing cancer.

12. The penis that’s been enjoyed by the most women could be that of King Fatefehi of Tonga, who supposedly deflowered 37,800 women between the years 1770 and 1784 — that’s about seven virgins a day. Go ahead, say it: It’s good to be king.

13. Better-looking men may have stronger sperm. Spanish researchers showed women photos of guys who had good, average, and lousy sperm — and told them to pick the handsomest men. The women chose the best sperm producers most often.

14. No brain is necessary for ejaculation. That order comes from the spinal cord. Finding a living vessel for said ejaculation, however, takes hours of careful thought and, often, considerable amounts of alcohol.

15. The most common cause of penile rupture: vigorous masturbation. Some risks are just worth taking.

From the Sexual Health section at Men’s Health.
Oh how I want to be a king!!

Linerider OFFICIAL Update Beta2 Released!! (Several Download Links Update)

19 12 2006

InXile – Linerider Home

So I posted this other supposed v2 of linerider but it wasn’t the official one, it was just a modified linerider. This is the official signed seal approved linerider update. Its called LineRider Beta2. Unfortunately there is no donwload link for the actual game, but I got it anyhew. Download link below:



Now you can embed this into an excel file and play it, or you can just download the file I created with the game already embeded (no malicious code).




PS: you can open the swf file in internet explorer, or whatever browser you use that supports flash. I suggest firefox.