Online Test Can Answer: “Am I A Racist?”

6 06 2007

I’m sure many of us all over the world have spent sleepless nights trying to acquire the answer to a question that many would think simple and perhaps even self actualizing.  That torturous question is, “Am I A Racist?”

Well, help is here my friends.  The brainy folks over in their caaahs paahked Haaaaaahvaaaaaahd yaaahd (aka Harvard), have developed a test that you can take online and it will instantly tell you if you are a racist.  Follow the link below to realize your greatest fear, or find out if what you always thought was right or wrong.


NO, this is not market testing for a game/reality show to be aired next fall on FOX.  This is as real as anything else on the net.  Before taking the test I must warn you. Beware the horrible truth, or at the very least a statistical bell curve.

Please comment with your results.  NOTE:  I am particularly looking for self professed racists, who are told that they are actually closet tolerance advocates.

And please, be honest.  This is for science!!

PS: I secretly think this is being

NES (The Original Nintendo Entertainmnet System) Quiz!!!

18 10 2006

NES has a flash based quiz on your NES Knowledge L33tness. And it totally rocks.

Apparently I am a moron.  The real problem is I can’t spell for crap.  I knew most of the answers (they stay the same for everytime you take the quiz).  Admitedly the final round is rediculous.

Post your score in a comment!

The Hacker Test – Version 1.0

8 09 2006

The Hacker Test – Version 1.0

This is a fun little test for all you hackers out there.


his test was conceived and written by Felix Lee, John Hayes and Angela Thomas at the end of the spring semester, 1989. It has gone through many revisions prior to this initial release, and will undoubtedly go through many more.

(Herewith a compendium of fact and folklore about computer hackerdom, cunningly disguised as a test.)

Scoring: Count 1 for each item that you have done, or each question that you can answer correctly.

If you score is between You are
0x000 and 0x010   Computer Illiterate
0x011 and 0x040   User
0x041 and 0x080   an Operator
0x081 and 0x0C0   a Nerd
0x0C1 and 0x100   a Hacker
0x101 and 0x180   a Guru
0x181 and 0x200   a Wizard

Note: If you don’t understand the scoring, stop here.

Its pretty fun, for those of us that like this type of thing.


Who’s Been Looking at This?

9 08 2006

Which Disney Princess Are You?

This is a waaaaaay old post of mine from an old blog that I imported into this one.

I just gotta know, cause its been getting alot of hits, who’s looking at this?

SRSLY – It gets like 10 – 20 hits a day.  :throw my hands up:

BTW – I’m Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”, which makes no sense because she wasn’t a princess!?!?!?

The Legendary NWA Quiz

4 08 2006

The Legendary NWA Quiz [via Phat Phree]

Staight out da innernet Boiiiiiiieeeeee!!!  (I think that was a little too “Flava Flave”)

D00d Who Made it Says:

I have always been a fan of gangsta rap music, particularly the lyrics. In the mid-nineties I knew a couple of guys who spent their time passing lyrics back and forth to one another as a test to see who could write the next line of a song. I always thought that was the kind of test I’d like to take. So back when the Phat Phree was downloadable, I submitted a list of questions to test everyone’s knowledge of the greatest gangsta rap album of all time, N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton.

Charlie took the questions and created an interactive quiz that would shoot you in the face if you fronted. Now after a further Redux the quiz is available for the Phat Phree community. Good luck, punk.


Now that pic is OLD SCHOOL!  Damn.

I haven’t taken the quiz, cause I can’t bothered.  But it sounds keen!!!

Personality Test

25 05 2005

I think my paranoia level is a bit low. Everything else is pretty close. Except there are some things I don’t understand like “Female Cliche”? What the heck is that?

Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Extraversion   56%
Stability   23%
Orderliness   10%
Empathy   23%
Interdependence   90%
Intellectual   83%
Mystical   43%
Artistic   83%
Religious   43%
Hedonism   56%
Materialism   90%
Narcissism   23%
Adventurousness   30%
Work ethic   36%
Self absorbed   83%
Conflict seeking   50%
Need to dominate   43%
Romantic   90%
Avoidant   10%
Anti-authority   76%
Wealth   43%
Dependency   83%
Change averse   83%
Cautiousness   90%
Individuality   36%
Sexuality   43%
Peter pan complex   90%
Physical security   90%
Food indulgent   30%
Histrionic   70%
Paranoia   36%
Vanity   63%
Hypersensitivity   70%
Female cliche   43%

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