Intelligent Design VS Humans With Tails (PIX, NSFW?)

3 09 2007

This rather fascinating article from,Tails in Humans ” , points out a little hole in the irrational rationalizations of those who whole heartedly believe in Intelligent Design (ID).  The ID fundamentalists of the world (read: America), refuse to accept that humans evolved from apes.  Well then, how would one explain this:

dude with tail

That’s right ladies and gents, 1 in every 100,000 humans are borne with a little tail.  Usually, the “defect” is “fixed” at birth.

Don’t forget to read the whole article HERE: Tails in Humans ” 

Cause there is alot more than a couple of pictures…

Knowledge is power!

Microsoft Fianlly Sees Open Source As A Threat, Suing For Patents

14 05 2007

Tech News on ZDNet has a pretty authoritative article on Microsoft’s sudden decision that Open Source software like any Linux distro and Open Office.  Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me, especially since Linux has been around forever and its just now getting uber popular.  Its a money grab for royalties now that Linux and Open source is becoming popular.  I say fuck em and I hope they lose and that whoever they are suing countersues for something like defamation of character or something that would bite Micro$oft in the ass.

Here’s what ZDNet says:

Microsoft says open source violates 235 patents
Microsoft claims that free and open-source software violates 235 of its patents, according to a magazine report published Sunday.

In an interview with Fortune, Microsoft top lawyer Brad Smith alleges that the Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65. is accused of infringing 45, along with 83 more in other free and open-source programs, according to Fortune.

What a bunch of crap.  Why don’t they go ahead and sue Apple while they’re at it!!  Talk about a bunch of money grubbing monopolistic bastards.

I have a little message for the folks over at Microsoft:

Fuck You T Shirt

Now piss off!!

I really hope Dell starts selling linux boxes by the millions, like they keep hinting at, and that the whole world abandons Mircosoft as soon as humanly possible.  Those fucking shitwads, fuck em.

Have a nice day!

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 – Just Change The Key

2 05 2007

An open letter to the MPAA:

Dear Gaywads at the MPAA,

Instead of trying to play the tough guy, why don’t you just change the HD DVD key to something else? And this time try using a much longer set of base64 code.  It’s a pain to post a 1200 character key so that might make it a little bit harder to float around the net.  Either way your DRM all belongs to us, so give up and focus on making movies that don’t suck.



They haven’t written back yet, but I’ll let you know if they do.

I’m way over this crap and I won’t be posting on it anymore.  Its not like their “secret” key is a secret anymore.  My mom could recite those 16 values by now.  All this drama is gonna win a friggin daytime Emmy!!

BORING, bye.

Digg Blog » Kevin Rose Admits He’s Ghey

2 05 2007

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Digg This: 09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0

That’s the latest post from Kevin Rose over at Digg admiting that he sucks and that all the HD DVD posts are going back up.

However, Digg still sucks and Kevin Rose is a big pussy.

You aren’t going down fightin Kev, you already went down.

DON’T READ THIS: Lindsay Lohan’s Private Myspace Hacked!! (Pics)

22 04 2007

Well, I was seriously thinking about not posting this but then I thought, “Its hacking and it shows that no myspace account is private, no matter what you mark you account as or try to hide yourself.”  So here it is, but I’ll keep it short.

If you want, you can see the post over at Celebri-Net that lays out the details on what supposedly happened as far as the Paris Hilton and cohorts vs Lindsay Lohan.  They have some pics and the gossipy stuff that the People Magazines of the world will probably pounce on.  Here’s the basics straight from their site:

So “the Todd” from IDLYITW was tipped off by ONTD late last night about an assault on Lindsay Lohan’s private Myspace account which was cleverly hidden under the eloquent title “Privacycunt“. The assailant was allegedly hired by Paris’ camp to hack into LiLo’s space, steal her private Myspace photos, and take screen captured images of her private conversations with fellow celebs […]

There is one interesting update at the very end of the post:

 Update From The Hacker:
From RobbyR at Project X Tapes

Its funny cause the above text starts off with “off the record”, yet another testament to the fact that anything you send out on the net is NEVER “off the record”.  It would seem that the unnamed hacker who got into the account is actually named there as “hacker310”, but I dunno if this is a PM from a chain of PM’s that hacker310 was the last to hand off to RobbyR so that is yet to be confirmed.  Obviously, Lohan’s people found someone to sue to get the info off the net, which should make you think twice about being all stealthy and never getting caught.

If you must know the links to both Paris and Linday’s private Myspace accounts are also in the article:

Personal Myspace Accounts:
Lindsay Lohan’s Private Myspace Account
Paris Hilton’s Private Myspace Account

What is said to be Lindsay’s account is still private, but apparently Paris opened her account up.  Her Myspace blog says:

Monday, March 26, 2007

my profile is public…

…but my pictures are hidden

nice try though

6:58 PM

Guess she figured that someone might hack her right back, which is usually the result of having someone else hacked.

Anyhew, the source that “Oh No They Didn’t” reffers to is a Nicole Ritchie fan board: SOURCE

If you clicked on the link you’ll have noticed that the first member to post about Lindsay’s hacked account, says that they were doing a search for someone completely different.  Just goes to show you the power of Google even when you aren’t using advanced search options.

These are all the screen caps and pix that are out there for now:


Note that many of the screen caps are NSFW for language.

Most of the vulnerabilities involved with myspace are done by injecting some JS code into a video file (so far all I’ve seen are .swf and quicktime files).  I’ve already posted articles on how to execute this old hack, just search for them in the search bar.

My main reason for posting this is to further show that sites like myspace that allow unmoderated code are dangerously vulnerable to a multitude of hacks, especially if you are surfing with internet explorer.  Note that some of these hacks can do alot more than expose your myspace account, you can make a file that loads any kind of malware onto a victims PC.  If you want to be safe just make sure you have javascript blocked while you’re browsing sites like myspace.  You can use firefox and any of the script blocking extensions to do this with ease.

Other than that, I reccomend that people stop paying attention to Paris and Lindsay, maybe they’ll disappear like in Nightmare On Elm Street!!

I should probably have spell checked this post but I am getting really bored of the celeb stuff.

Hack On Bored People!!