Top 13 Halle Berry Pregnant Boobs Links

28 10 2007

Halle Berry’s boobs, modified by pregnancy, have become a worldwide sensation after her appearanceon the red carpet for her upcoming film “Things We Lost In The Fire”. With little help from BUZZFEED and Google, I’ve collected some links for ya!

Here are the top 8 CLEAVAGE links from BUZZFEED: (click HERE for the xml feed)

  1. Holy Cleavage, Catwoman! by
  2. “I am mesmerized by Halle Berry’s boobage.”  by
  3. Halle Berry’s Breasts Confuse Talkshow Host by
  4. Hopefully, Halle Berry’s Cleavage Will Make Up for Her Crappy Movie by
  5. Halle Berry’s Cleavage Opens A Restaurant by
  6. Bruce Willis Inpects Halle’s Chest by
  7. Pre-Baby Cleavage On Maxim by
  8. Cleavage Played A Major Roll In That One James Bond Film by

Here are some pure BOOB links I found all on me own:

And that’s all she showed folks.