Forbes Ranks Kurt Cobain #1 Dead Celebrity Money Maker!!

24 10 2006

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Kurt Cobain, with the help of Courtney “Ono” Love, take the number one spot, pushing Elvis to #2!!! However, I can’t tell if this is cool, or if it really really sucks… 😐

Will Kurt Cobain sell cars? Perhaps. The Nirvana front man’s music could start popping up in some unexpected places now that his widow Courtney Love has sold a 25% stake in his band’s song catalog to Primary Wave, a New York music publishing company. Primary Wave, which paid a reported $50 million for its stake, has already struck a deal to feature Nirvana music in an episode of CSI: Miami. Now it is considering licensing the music to certain marketers. Meanwhile, Nirvana’s recording catalog sold 1.1 million units in the U.S. in 2005 and is on track to come close to that total this year as well, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

CSI Miami?!?!? They couldn’t get the good CSI, the original?? I swear, If I hear “Molly’s Lips” in a Maybeline commercial I will personally shit in Courtney’s pants.


9 10 2006

Enjoy man, just sit back and enjoy.

The 10 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs Of All Time (Learn How To Play Them!)

15 09 2006

The 10 Greatest Rock Guitar Riffs Of All Time (Learn How To Play Them!) [via] Riff-o-Matic
This is teh awesomest guitar article I have EVER seen. Not because of the Top ten rifs thing, its been done, but not this well. There are audio clips of every riff, video’s of some and TAB for ALL as well as musical notation.

Here’s the intro:

The riffs on this page are the tried and true “standards” for Rock guitar music. Walk into any music shop and you’ll find a line of people trying out the guitars for sale and I’ll bet they will be playing one of the top 10 riffs on this page.

Agree or disagree with my selection? Let your voice be know in our forums!

I may disagree with some of the choices and the lack of MORE Jimi Hendrix riffs (little wing intro pls), but I do not disagree with the supremacy of this article’s layout and execution.

And here’s the first video, “Enter Sandman”:

If you play guitar or want to get started READ THIS ARTICLE FROM RIFF-O-MATIC