Breaking News: Viri and Exploit Database is Up and Running!!!

4 06 2007

For all those who haven’t been following the progress of, lets just say that its a repository for everything hacktastic that has ever or will ever exist on the net. For those who have been following leetupload, and signed up to be a member, the viri and exploit db is ready to plunder!!!

NOTE: If you haven’t signed up for membership and you feel all left out and benchwarmery inside, follow this link:

On to the good news!!

Here’s the email I got today (with a couple edits for my sake):

The database of Virii and Exploits is finally up! This is a proud day for

If the first time you load the database is slow, just give it some time. From thereafter, it should be smooth sailing.

In other news: As of yet, we currently have 503 members, so keep them coming!

To login, click here: And then select which database you prefer; “Exploits” or “Virii.”

I thank you, the community, for supporting, and hope that all of you enjoy the database.

Oh we will more than enjoy the new database, leetupload!! We will wallow in it like a gamer wallows in their newly opened Wii or someother such person or thing that enjoys wallowing in something kewl!!

Thanks leetupload!!

For those of you who haven’t signed up to be a member, I highly suggest you do so immediately. Sign up for both the DB and the Forums so you can feel all cool an shit!! CLICKY to sign up

Darknet Steps It Up A Notch With “Commenter Of The Month”

4 06 2007

This just in from Darknet:

The best commenter of the month competition is now running, as sponsored by GFI the best commenter of the month will win a PSP or iPod each month!

More details will be revealed as we go along.

Those are some sweet ass prizes!!  Congrats to Darknet on joining the blog big leagues.  Hey, don’t forget TMBBITW when you’re all huge and going IPO!!

Someday, hopefully, TMBBITW will have sponsors and money and stuff.

The Procedure Production Blog

25 04 2007

Our buddies over at  The Donny Brook have posted and ongoing blog of their work on a short film called  “The Procedure”.   Here’s the link: : The Procedure Production Blog

Their latest entry is a bunch of stills from the film so far.  They are almost finished with editing the film!!  I’ll keep you updated.

Good on ya SERG!!

the.codist{} – So You Want To Become A Programmer?

18 04 2007

This is without a doubt the most straight forward, cut and dry, talk to me like I have no clue what I’m doing (cause I don’t…srsly), best of the best, A number 1 explanation on what to do to start becoming a programmer!! I am not going to repost any of the article here, because its just so simple you have to see it in its original form. So, click this link here:the.codist{} – So You Want To Become A Programmer?

As an aside, this site gets my personal recommendation as feedworthy. Especially after you see this post:All I Need To Know To Be A Better Programmer I Learned In Kindergarten

So big ups to the codist!! I just blogrolled you.

Hurt (Video)

8 11 2006

Nice one serg, but I would have passed on the hanging or at least made the doll different.

Nova Podcast to listen to while you browse!!

27 09 2006


oooh. odeo support on wordpress!! I am so going to make podcasts now!!!! (I don’t know what or though)

EyeOS : A WebOS To get Around Those firewalls.

25 09 2006

EyeOS : A WebOS That Actually Works [via] méprisant

Mepreisant has posted a wonderfull review and how to, on EyeOS.


A WebOS as I understand it is a software platform that emulates an operating system in its very basic form through a web browser. EyeOS is probably the best designed WebOS. It is open source and does not necessarily have to be installed on an FTP. One can can an EyeOS server from their own computer and access it from anywhere. The more important point is that EyeOS actually works. The screenshots below are for the EyeOS Miniserver (the version that can be installed on a computer rather than on an FTP).
Note: The Miniserver does require that the .NET framework be installed.

Create root password

Create new user(s)

The EyeOS desktop

EyeNav : The web browser


Private and Public documents

Message board functionality

EyeOS applications available

Themes and credits

All said and done, I rather like EyeOS. It’s easy to install, works behind a firewall and gets the job done.

Seems like a great idea to me. I’ll test it out and post the lag time vs the capabilities to be free while at work or behind a school firewall.

Keep Knowledge Free!!