How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac via

5 06 2007

This hack is so simple I am humbled to stupidity in its presence.

Follow the link to see the extremely brief and easy to follow tutorial with download links!!

HERE: How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac [via]

Enjoy, you macheads you!!

Finally HandBrake 0.8.5b1 (Win/Lin/Mac) Released!! (Downloads)

23 04 2007

Praise Glory Halilujia Jeeebus!!!

Fianally, for all the PC users who watched with baited breath while our Macbook using friends as they ripped DVD’s with ease, we have the same app!!  MediaFork and HandBrake have merged to form HandBrake 0.8.5b1!!

The peeps over at the HandBrake site had this to say about their new multi-platform release:

This new version of HandBrake encompasses everything that was in MediaFork 0.8.0b1 and much, much, much more.

There are two versions for Windows users , one command line and one GUI.  However, you’ll still need an app like DVD43 to get around that darn copyprotection crap.  I recommend AnyDVD by slysoft, no its not free, but it can get passed any of the latest attempts at keeping peeps from “gettin’ theyz yo!”

Yeah, there are plenty of apps, both free and paid, to rip and burn DVD’s with, but then what?  Do you have the money for dual layer DVD-R’s??  I know I don’t.  I also hate taking all that time to try and shrink a DVD 9 down to a DVD 5, while still keeping enough quality to make it watchable.  For me, the video quality is paramount.

Not only does HandBrake rip that shit for you, but makes converting the entire film into one file that you can watch on an assortment of PMP’s, if your into that thing.

I don’t bother watching any feature film on my iPod or any teeny tiny screen.  So I just loose all the menues, special features and even chapters to keep that video quality while squashing my time consumption down.  Of course you need to have a high speed DVD drive with plenty of RAM and a good processor to make ANY rip and burn process bearable.

So, PC users of the world, enjoy your shiny new ripper called Handbrake.

Unless you have more patience than I and you are willing to sit about waiting for a lower quality DVD or even a DIVX or XVID file.  Either way, its all free and the more options you have the better.

I will say one thing for sure though, screw VCD’s!!  SRSLY, fuck that shit.

Oh, click below to download:

Download HandBrake 0.8.5b1
• For Mac OS X
• For Linux
• For Windows (CLI)
• For Windows (GUI) (Graphical front end)


The DayThe Net Radio Died

4 03 2007

Via – Radio Paradise

The US Copyright Office has released their new set of rates for the payment of royalties by Internet Radio, and they ignored all of the facts presented by webcasters (including RP) and gave the record industry exactly what they asked for: royalty rates so high that they will put RP and every other independent webcaster out of business. See Kurt Hanson’s newsletter for 3/2/07 for the details on how the rates work and what they will mean to stations like RP. You can participate in the discussion about this issue in our Listener Forum.For some time, we’ve suffered with a system where we pay a large chunk (10%-12%) of our income to the Big 5 record companies – while FM stations and radio conglomerates like Clear Channel pay nothing. Now they want even more. In our case, an amount equal to 125% of our income.

And they were singin’
Bye bye, … aw fuck it

The Ballad Of Tupac Shakur (Audio)

13 12 2006

This is just friggin funny:

[sonific 19fab3b6a8ecd6e4218c54600311645639c89dd8]

The juxtaposition alone just kills me!!

A Tutorial: How To Hack Your Verizon Bills (audio + pic)

12 12 2006

Ok, if you haven’t already heard there’s been a bit of a muck up over at Verizon. It all starts here:

VerizonMath: Verizon doesn’t know Dollars from Cents – The Begining

Basically this guy was quoted a price of .002cents [that’s 1/500 of a penny, or 1/5000 of a dollar, or $.0002].  Later the guy gets a giant ass bill (well not really because it was only like $70 or so) but the point is that the service reps (3 of em in the audio) that he spoke to all said that .002cents is equal to $.oo2.

He has proof –

Man that was a phenominal display of stupidity.   Anyways, he got his refund after alot of internet fame.

VerizonMath: Verizon doesn’t know Dollars from Cents – The End

Now here’s how you can pay you bills in the future:

verizon check

The pic is via XKCD.

Now everyone proceed to pay their Verizon bills as such.


Do you like Foreigner?

12 12 2006

This is by far the most 1337 ass mash up I’ve seen on any media.  High Five!!

NERD-Core Hip Hop (Audio Downloads)

29 11 2006


Yup, that’s right, nerdcore hip hop is in the hizzouse and spits mad game about people gettin’ srsly pwned and banned from the forum.  Watch out for your noob ass or you might get booted from IRC…an shit.

You can download alot of music for free!!  It’s actually not all bad.  I reccomend you all check it out at the very least.