The Observer On: Storm Worm

22 10 2007

 Looks like someones just as worried about the “gathering” power of the Storm Worm as I have been.

I’ve posted previously on this topic:

Here’s a small excerpt from a recent article in The Observer:

In millions of Windows, the perfect Storm is gathering
John Naughton
Sunday October 21, 2007
The Observer

A spectre is haunting the net but, outside of techie circles, nobody seems to be talking about it. The threat it represents to our security and wellbeing may be less dramatic than anything posed by global terrorism, but it has the potential to wreak much more havoc. And so far, nobody has come up with a good idea on how to counter it.

It’s called the Storm worm.

The article goes on to say pretty much what I have been saying since July of 06!!

Anyway, hope somebody is starting to get the whole scope of the situation that is only continuing to grow.

In other words, HAAAALP!!11!!1!!!!11!!



5 responses

1 01 2008

Like I mentioned in my other comment on your past warning of this worm, some infected machines have even visited my site. The difference though is that I think these were hijacked infected servers used to do another’s bidding. They were used for (attempted) defacing purposes through infected proxies (part of the botnet.) At least that is what I encountered but the controller had no success at messing with me of course. I’m just glad he didn’t DoS me LoL! 😉 Two [million] men enter one man leaves…haha. Seriously, I think there is truth that this worm is building momentum and has infected an ever growing army of machines, one much larger than most would care to admit. Let’s hope I am wrong and the article and myself are misinformed or full of bloated hype to scare the public.
…as if I would want to ever lend a hand to the propoganda juggernaut known as the media. 😛 In actuality I think for a change this article is right on the money. The full pontential of the botnet is yet to be seen since it hasn’t been used for much. I would fathom a educated rough guess that this thing has at least 10 or 20 million zombies at the ready worldwide.

2 02 2008
24 10 2008

hmm what happened to the millenium bug! its all hokus pokus

15 06 2012

You are my intake, I have few web logs and sometimes run out from brand :). “He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past.” by George Orwell.

25 06 2013

It’s nearly impossible to find educated people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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