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The same warning and or “standard disclaimer” applys to my tumblr blog


There ain’t no comments over there, but at least you can stay up to date with the hacks and crap that I come across on a day to day basis. Plus I can embed any video I want!! WooHoo!!

Now that all that’s done with…

This blog yer lookin at right now, has literally thousands of articles for your perusal. Each article is a little nugget of boring goodness, bringing you new hacks, old hacks, and the occasional pretty lady. So click around and stay a while, you might just get bored and decide to actually do some work!! NOTE: Any new posts here will automatically be posted at the Tumblr site.

Our Main Catagories are:


Click them, love them, hug them, I don’t fuckin’ care as long as we all have fun while the world is slowly ending.

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See you on the flipside. Wherever that is? //*shrugz

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