RNC Got FARKED!! (Pix)

11 10 2007

A friend passed this one to me and I just couldn’t resist passing it on:

[via] Fark Logo
The Republicans unveiled their new national convention logo. Design something better in five minutes.
KellyLockhart [TotalFark]

The ‘O’fficial design

THEN THE FUN STARTS!!  Here are my favorites so far.

 200 yrs of tradition by Godscrack

WWRJD? by butthold

And those are just two of many many entries that all deserve to win.  Go see them all here: 

nJoy L8s

Intelligent Design VS Humans With Tails (PIX, NSFW?)

3 09 2007

This rather fascinating article from dimaggio.org,Tails in Humans ” , points out a little hole in the irrational rationalizations of those who whole heartedly believe in Intelligent Design (ID).  The ID fundamentalists of the world (read: America), refuse to accept that humans evolved from apes.  Well then, how would one explain this:

dude with tail

That’s right ladies and gents, 1 in every 100,000 humans are borne with a little tail.  Usually, the “defect” is “fixed” at birth.

Don’t forget to read the whole article HERE: Tails in Humans ” 

Cause there is alot more than a couple of pictures…

Knowledge is power!

Why Won’t Bill O’Reilly Die?

27 06 2007

Man, a teenager owns his ass and he still won’t just disappear.

I realize this is all over the net now, but its till makes me want to put the “I Hate Bill O’Reilly” page back up… there I just did it.


That was almost as disgusting a display of the stereotypical “ugly-American”, as the “Paris Hilton gets out of jail” fiasco. Thank god for K.O.!!

Bill is such an ass. I’m gonna see if I can drum up some code to make a hand come out of Bill’s monitor and slap him like a bitch every time he tries to open his mouth. 🙂

In the meantime, we will have to rely on Olberman to be our resounding voice of disdain for Billdo and all that keep him on the air.

Suprise: Fox News Purposefully Misquotes Obama On US Troops In Iraq

5 05 2007

Thanks to the peeps over at SpinnWebe, we have yet another example of Fox “Faux” News’ Right Wing bias and general craptasticness.

See for yourself:

April 1, speaking about the current conflict between the Senate and the President over war funding, Barack Obama says this (from USA Today):

“I think that nobody wants to play chicken with our troops on the ground,” said Obama. “I do think a majority of the Senate has now expressed the belief that we need to change course in Iraq.”

Yesterday, this graphic comes up on Fox:

Does anyone else want to vomit with anger?

Huge props to SpinnWebe for catching this.  It just goes to show you that Fox News cannot be trusted to follow a story with any amount of credibility or honesty.  “Fair and Balanced” indeed.  There should be some sort of regulatory service for news outlets that could somehow shame or take disciplinary action against media moguls like Fox News.  Of course, free speech applies to these fuckers just like it applies to me, but fuckin A this shit is getting ridiculous.

People trust news outlets to give them the truth, even though they shouldn’t, and that trust is being abused to the extreme.  Maybe Jon Stewart could get rid of Fox News alltogether, he did it for “Crossfire”.  Man I love that clip: CLICKY.  Anyway, we’re probably just SOL and JWF as far as getting rid of Fox News all-together.

With Rupert Murdoch looking into buying the Wall Street Journal, this only makes me more averse to following the main stream media.  Not that I ever put much credence in them to start with.

In short, fuck those guys!

And GO SpinnWebe GO!!

Democrats To Start Without GOP Input!!

2 01 2007

I wasn’t even going to read the article I just liked the title so much but then I read this intro:

Democrats To Start Without GOP Input – washingtonpost.com

As they prepare to take control of Congress this week and face up to campaign pledges to restore bipartisanship and openness, Democrats are planning to largely sideline Republicans from the first burst of lawmaking.House Democrats intend to pass a raft of popular measures as part of their well-publicized plan for the first 100 hours. They include tightening ethics rules for lawmakers, raising the minimum wage, allowing more research on stem cells and cutting interest rates on student loans.

Man first USC beats Michigan and now this.  Its gonna be a fuckin great year if this keeps up!!

Since the congress is going to go ahead and give the finger to the GOP, I’m gonna go ahead and issue a GIANT


To the Following people:

  1. Bill O’Reilly
  2. Rush Limbaugh
  3. Ann Coulter
  4. Fox News
  5. Republicans in General

I’d like to say,

Fuck You T Shirt


Nelson Ha Ha

Sucks to be you!!

Oh and, Happy New Year 😉

Top Ten Political Cartoons For 2006!! (Pix)

31 12 2006

Via Time.com

Click to enlarge them.

FINALLY: Top 11 Keith Olbermann Links Via BuzzFeed

5 12 2006

Keith Olbermann – BuzzFeed

  1. Keith Isn’t Afraid to Share His Opinion with You

    by radaronline.com

  2. Keith Olbermann Hates Newt Gingrich

    by edwards.org

  3. A Lovely Commentary on Rumsfeld

    by crooksandliars.com

  4. “There is no line this President has not crossed.”

    by crooksandliars.com

  5. MSNBC Is On a Roll

    by liberaltopia.org

  6. Keith Olbermann Disses His Boss, Thinks He’s Invincible

    by feeds.huffingtonpost.com

  7. Olbermann in the Blogosphere: “Bush owes us an apology”

    by msnbc.msn.com

  8. Keith Olbermann Is A Stubborn Mule

    by jossip.com

  9. Olbermann Delivers More Scathing Remarks About Bush Administration, Fox News

    by crooksandliars.com

  10. “It is a shame and it is embarrassing to us all when President Bush travels 8000 miles only to wind up avoiding reality again.”

    by truthout.org

  11. Conservative Commentator Cal Thomas Names Keith Olbermann “Turkey of the Year”

    by newsbusters.org

There will definitaly be more Olberman links…CAUSE HE IS THE !##& SH!T U REPUGNANT REPUBLICAN FARTMITTEN!!