LINKS: Top 15 Celebrity Side Boob Pix, and Just Plain Boob Pix via Tailrank (NSFW PIX)

8 05 2007

Tailrank was kind enough to generate this great feed of celebrity sideboob and pretty much everything celeb boob related. I took the liberty of cutting out the repeat links.

Side Boob, Side By Side

Celebrity Gossip

  • Christina Aguilera still has one of the nicest racks (Celeb Smack)
  • Damn, Shanna Moakler is hot in these pictures (Evil Beet)

Spanish Delight

    1. Britney Spears Topless Egotastic! Exclusive!
    2. Lindsay Lohan Parties in her Bikini
    3. Kate Bosworth Bikini Pictures – Now with “Cleavage”
    4. Jessica Simpson Nipple Slip… Sorta

Big ups to all the blogs that caught this stuff. You guys and gals are what keeps us dorks on the net and hacking away for freedom!!

Oh and, if anyone cares, Lindsay Lohan got caught doin coke:Lindsay “Blow-Han” Lohan Makes a Cocaine Video! Aaaw, How Cute. via

ALL credit goes to:

Top 8 Pix Of Celebrity Breasts Reviewed For “Wonkyness” – Buzzfeed (NSFW PIX)

2 01 2007

You can’t beat buzzfeed when it comes to following the best of the best posts all around the net.  ESPECIALLY when it puts all that good celebrity b00by pix, slips, etc in one place.  This little feed takes a look at celebrity breast that now look all weird.

Oh, The mighty, how they have fallen!!

Wonky Boobs

Lifestyle Buzz Paparazzi photos expose the wonky boobs of celebrities. Not even the best plastic surgeon in Hollywood can save you from the Wonky Boob Phenomenon. If I were Britney Spears’ left boob, I’d probably try to escape too.

  1. Catherine Zeta-Jones New Bosoms Have a Life of Their Own


  2. Poor Tara Reid 😦


  3. Britney’s Boobs Epitomize a Lopsided Chest


  4. Another Lopsided Britney Incident


  5. “Janice Dickinson Has the Grossest Boobs”


  6. Victoria Beckham’s Alien Porn Star Breasts


  7. Beyonce’s Right Breast Collapses


  8. Victoria Beckham: “Artificial, round, and retarded”


These are some of the harshest titles ever!!

I love it.

Top 7 Celebrity Crotch Shots / Up Skirts -or my personal favorite- “Snatch Slips” Via BuzzFeed (NSFW PIX)

29 11 2006

Crotch Shots / Up Skirts – BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed Continues to satisfy our lust for celebrity erogenous zone accidental public exposures:

  1. Rihanna’s Sequined Crotch Is Unblemished


  2. Will Someone Please Buy Lindsay Lohan Some Underwear


  3. Britney’s Deformed Crotch Might Look Better with Hair


  4. Paris Hilton’s String Bikini Incident


  5. “Britney Spears Did It AGAIN Last Night”


  6. Scarlett Johansson Terrified of Bikini Wax, Bystanders Admire Her Voluptuous Body


  7. Pink’s Thighs Wide Shut


Big ups to the Buzz.


Kate Moss Nude and on a Pole!!! (Pix Video Link)

30 10 2006

Click it.

Love it.

Nips sit.

On your screen.

I guess its supposed to be art or something.


Christina Aguilara Molested by Donald Duck (NSFW Pix)

27 10 2006

Original Link:THIS DUCK IS SMOOTH – What Would Tyler Durden Do

Original Pic: (Click to see the real big one)
Aguilara Duck

Aaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! That shit is funny as hell.

Paris Hilton Gets Rejected From Entry To Bungalow 8 (ROFL)

6 09 2006

20 Minutes to Kill » Blog Archive » There’s No Crying In Club Hopping!

Sorry for the ghey ass post but I just LOVE seeing dumb ass bitches get a mental smackdown.  Fuck Paris Hitlon and her dog too.


Paris Hilton got denied at Bungalow 8 the other night following the MTV VMA’s but attempted a crying fest to get past the velvet ropes. Its like the bouncer’s saying “oh you, the one who’s crying. Come on in. You’re going to make this place hot! Oh, and your boyfriend over there who is now fighting the cops…bring him in too…he’s going to be sweet tonight!”

Be sure to click the link to see the pix!!!

War Of The Worlds – The Scientology Version (Video)

23 08 2006

Ok, so this d00d re-edited the whole movie with sound clips from the Matt Lauer interview (and some other sound bites from Cruise) and created the CoS version of War of the Worlds. This ain’t no clip my friends, this is a feature!! Its like 2 hours long!!


Download: NOTE – THIS VID WILL BE TAKEN DOWN BECAUSE OF COPYWRITE LAWS.  You could download this file from the google videos.  However, you will only get the google player and a small file that is really a link to the file on the google servers.  That file on the servers can be taken down and then the small link file you have will be worthless.  I reccomend using one of the many FireFox extensions to just DL the .flv file.  Then convert the file with cinema forge or something to wmv or whatever you want.

I will post a rapidshare link when I am done with the download.  Its feature lenght so its taking a loooong time.