List: 6 Web 2.0 Sites That You Should Not Use

12 05 2007

I was hopping around the net today and I found all these new, well new to me, sites that I realized no one should ever use.  In short, they suck.  Prepare yourselves for the shortlist:

  1. Clutzr Logo  This site grabs the number one spot on this short list of links not to visit, by making you download an app that monitors your net habits so EVERYONE can see what EVERYONE is browsing.  They even rank the amount of hits each site gets.  Think of it as one giant vulnerability.  If you want to see what links people are browsing, just take a look at popurls, you can customize it and it covers pretty much all your bases for catching what’s hot on the web. Add, BuzzFeed, to your daily list of sites to visit and you’re all set.  Popurls covers clipmarks, Digg, Reddit and pretty much all the other sites worth looking at,  so no need to add those to the daily list.  That’s all I have to say about that.
  2. onlywire logo The main reason this site sucks is because it aggregates all the social bookmark sites into one little bookmarklet.  Maybe its just me, but I use one bookmark site and that’s it, not NINETEEN!!  Does anyone need nineteen different places to store your bookmarks online?  Maybe if you’re like really super social about your bookmarks then this would be useful, but when I tried it out I had to sign up for 18 out of the 19 sites on the list.  That took forever.  Contrary to public belief, this is the only bookmarklet that you never need, just use or pick one of the many bookmark sharing sites.
  3. sputtr logo This web 2.0 looking site lets you choose a search engine to use.  Thats it, that is all it does.  It doesn’t aggregate all the search engines into one, it makes you use them one at a time.  To me this is really not useful, actually its the opposite of useful.  In short, I wouldn’t use it. I would use one of many search aggregators like: because it aggregates results from Google Yahoo and MSN.  Or just stick with Google, it works and you can use the advanced search strings to fins exactly what you’re looking for.
  4. iuGen Logo This site actually boasts, “The Internet User Genome Project, iuGen, has the intention to register all current and future active users in one Internet User Directory. – If you’re not on the list, you don’t exist!”  That’s fairly close to insulting, especially the last part.  Anyways, its just a friendster clone.  And we all know how great friendster was.  Its also somewhat like MySpace only with a whole lot less funtionality, and we all know how much myspace sucks.  So if you’re a fan of online social networking with the entire world, then this site might be for you.  For the rest of us, who don’t use myspace and watched Friendster die a long slow death of uselessness, this site is just another link not to bookmark.  If I want to socialize on the net I’ll find a web community that focuses on what I like and join it, like LINKSWARM.
  5. Ooze the web  Yet another useless search engine site, only this site uses different engines at random.  What?!?  So instead of using the search engine of my choice, I get to be randomly sent to results from one of a 7 or so engines?!?!  Why would I want to do that?  I don’t want that.  I want the best results possible from an aggregation of search engines, not bad results AT RANDOM from a teeny tiny list of 7 search engines.  My advice, use any one of the hundreds of search toolbars or extensions that actually do aggregate all the best results from all the search engines out there.  Firefox has several and there are a handful for IE.  Or, like I said for sputtr, use a search aggregator like: cause it actually aggregated results from the big search engines.  Or stick with Google.
  6.  Simply Tutorials Logo  This site looks all web2.0-tastic but it really doesn’t act like a “web 2.0” site.  All this site does is offer PhotoShop tutorials, but you have to register first.  How friggin ghey is that?!?!  You only get tutorials for ONE proprietary program that many simply can’t afford, AND you have to register.  For the best tutorials on the web that are user submitted and rated you should use: .  You still have to register but there are over 50 programs with hundreds of tutorials, AND many of the listed programs are free/open source, like GIMP.

The six sites I went over, look great but they lack any added value for your click time.  Feel free to give any one of them a test run, by no means am I the end all be all of intarwebs advice.  However, if it were up to me, I’d look for something else that actually adds something to your experience on the net.  Not just a site with a new take on an old idea, or even worse, a site that limits your capabilities to less than what you’d have if you just kept doing whatever it is that you do on the net.

Hope this helps save some time in your future netventures while you’re bored at work.


Converting Pi to Binary Violates Several Laws and Copyrights!?!? WRONG!!!

30 10 2006

Converting Pi to binary: DON’T DO IT [rec.humor.funny]


WARNING: Do NOT calculate Pi in binary. It is conjectured that this number is normal, meaning that it contains ALL finite bit strings.If you compute it, you will be guilty of:

* Copyright infringement (of all books, all short stories, all
newspapers, all magazines, all web sites, all music, all movies,
and all software, including the complete Windows source code)
* Trademark infringement
* Possession of child pornography
* Espionage (unauthorized possession of top secret information)
* Possession of DVD-cracking software
* Possession of threats to the President
* Possession of everyone’s SSN, everyone’s credit card numbers,
everyone’s PIN numbers, everyone’s unlisted phone numbers, and
everyone’s passwords
* Defaming Islam. Not technically illegal, but you’ll have to go
into hiding along with Salman Rushdie.
* Defaming Scientology. Which IS illegal–just ask Keith Henson.

Also, your computer will contain all of the nastiest known computer viruses. In fact, all of the nastiest POSSIBLE computer viruses.

This is almost completely false.  Unless you compile the correct bit string sequences, you don’t have crap.  Now if you happen to stumble on a sequence that compiles into something then whoopie, you just beat THE odds.

Highly improbable and really really ghey.

K Fed

22 08 2006

Is this guy a total douchbag or what?

Williamo’s Blog… » Porno Tube: YouTube for the Porn Community

11 08 2006

Williamo’s Blog… » Porno Tube: YouTube for the Porn Community

This is horrible. Williamo had to pull his post!!!

Excerpt of what’s there now:

Edit: I’m getting weary of the bandwagon comments on the post that was here. I don’t really give a rat’s ass about PornoTube, nor am I trying to get to the top of the blog lists by posting stale stories. Read this instead:

Ok, so I didn’t realize what hater’s there were on wordpress. This poor d00d got totally flamed cause he posted something to his blog…WTF?? If you don’t like it then don’t click it. Got it?
Cheers to Williamo for posting the pornotube thing in the first place.

Jeers to those that flamed him in HIS comment box about a post that was so fucking benign, my grandma wouldn’t have even bothered to lift her bible in anger.


PornoTube is just another site where people can look at porn both pix and flix for free.

Here’s the link:
And here’s how to sign up with complete anonymity.

A “how to” so to speak…
Go Here:

Just hit random. It will generate a fake name with a real address and a real phone number and real everything.

Now use that info to sign up.

There, none of your personal shit will ever be out there on pornotube or the net or whatever. If you want you can even use a proxy to go through.
So FUCK YOU nay sayers!! I’ll even post the link ten times.












Did I mention that I HATE people who take the time to flame someone. Its SO not cool. I also really hate people who flame n00bs. I mean cut them a break ya sanctimonious bastards!

Sorry, I was all pissed off but I’m better now.

Glad I got that off my chest.

We break digg? (link)

8 08 2006

We break digg!

There has been some controversy of late regarding Digg and its fall into lameness.  These guys want to break digg.  I’m not sure how one would do this.  But I’m willing to help any way I can.

Let me tell you why:

1.) They have NEVER shared their backend programming, like a good coder should.  The net gave to them and they should give back to the net.  Unless they just want to be another MySpace.
2.) The users are getting all ghey.

3.) They went from tech to “Gimme Money” pretty fast.

4.) Their new site layout sucks.  Why go from a dynamic layout to a static one?!?!?!

Anyhew, shout out to the d00ds over at webreakdigg !!!

BTW – Guys, you should turn on your trackbacks.

Mediterranean on Jellyfish Alert!1!1!1!!!!!!

8 08 2006

BBC NEWS | Europe | Mediterranean on jellyfish alert

Excerpt: Thousands of holidaymakers in the Mediterranean have been stung by jellyfish as huge swarms of the creatures invade coastal waters.

This is the most retarded thing I have ever read on the BBC site.  This is not news. Unless people are dying, who give a shit.  Sorry to sound jaded but there are TWO wars going on and you publish this fluff??  WTF?!?!?!

Colbert Report – “Road To WWIII” (Video)

7 08 2006

No one likes to look in a mirror and see who they really are vs who they want to be, or so I used to think.

Colbert is the perfect mirror that reflects everything wrong with Neocons, Wall-Mart Republicans, Sheeple etc etc AND THEY EAT IT UP!!!  Just goes to show you,  these people are idiots.