Another OEM PC Goes Linux: “Lenovo, Novell partner to offer Linux on the ThinkPad”

6 08 2007

I was poking around the net and look what ARSTechnica told me!!!

Lenovo, Novell partner to offer Linux on the ThinkPad
ThinkPad customers will soon have a new configuration option, as Lenovo and Novell have announced that the popular laptops will begin shipping with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) preinstalled. Although the ThinkPad has been certified for Linux for some time, this marks the first time Lenovo will ship a laptop with Linux preinstalled—while providing both hardware and OS support. Novell will provide software updates directly to ThinkPad owners, however.

Soon all your PC’s will be ours!!

Backtrack 3 On It’s Way!?!?!

21 06 2007

I just got this from the guys over at remote exploit:

A few updates:

We have moved the old RE forums to a new dedicated server, and as you might have already noticed, given it a new skin.

A bugfix release for BackTrack 2 is on it’s way – in addition to the core development of BT3. Please do not mail us asking for timelines – we’re doing our best in our free time.

We are in need of skilled graphic designers who are willing to help with BT2/3 wallpapers, and various other small projects. Please send a mai lto if you are willing and able.

As usual, you can find information about our online and offline training classes at:

We wish you a pleasant stay in our new forums,

BackTrack Dev Team,

Muts, Max and MjM

I bolded the BT3 🙂

I am so exited I have to poop!!!

Linux Command Line Refernce Card – PDF Download

7 06 2007

Linux Command Line Tips – From PixelBeat will whisk you away to a really helpfull list/table of linux commands that are good to have on hand. Note: The commands with the bullet or DOT in front of them, are safe to cut and paste into your console. I made a quick PDF of the html table, so everyone can have a copy even when your not connected to the net.

DOWNLOAD: Linux_Command_Ref-Sheet.pdf

And yes, I first saw the link on Lifehacker. I wish they had more linux articles. I just made the switch myself and Lifehacker has little to offer in the way of linux. Oh well. Thanks for the info though!!

Of course all credit goes to the peeps over at for making a great ref card for us n00bs 😉

Good On Ya M8s!!

I’ll repost the table after the jump so anyone can cut and paste into their own document. Read the rest of this entry »

Linux Distributor Xandros Makes Un-Holy Union With Micrsoft

4 06 2007

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News titled, “Microsoft strikes deal with Linux software distributor Xandros” tells us all of a new attempt at making open source more compatible (read: Uncle Tom) with Microsoft software.

Here’s the basics of the deal:

Microsoft said Monday it will share technology with Linux distributor Xandros Inc., the latest in a string of deals meant to help the patent-protected Windows operating system work more smoothly with open-source programs.Under the terms of the agreement, New York-based Xandros, which makes and distributes open-source desktop and server software, will license server code from Microsoft and develop software tools that work with Microsoft’s systems.

The companies also will work on technology to translate between two types of documents, Microsoft-developed OpenXML format and the Open Document Format. That could improve interoperability between Microsoft’s Office software and open-source rivals.

Microsoft also said in a statement it will endorse Xandros Server and Desktop programs as a preferred Linux distribution.


Something doesn’t smell right here.  Most of OpenOffice can save in formats that Microsoft’s Office suite can open and OpenOffice can open pretty much all the MS Office documents.  I don’t know much about the interoperability of server software but I do know that Linux servers are way more steady than Microsoft servers.  Other than Xandros getting a plug from Microsoft I find it hard to see a sweet deal for the open source community.  I could be missing something, but it seems like Microsoft is trying to assimilate Linux into standards and practices that will hinder open source from progressing far beyond the stagnant Microsoft crapware.  Perhaps the peeps over at Xandros see something different, but all I see is Microsoft keeping their enemies closer and getting one step closer to making Linux their bitch.

I’ll keep tabs on this growing situation as it happens.  Who knows it could be a good thing, maybe open source will bend Microsoft to its will and not the other way around?

Sorry to be so pessimistic.  I have a bit of the stomach flu.

Tribler: The Next Gen Bittorant Client!!

21 05 2007

Tribler looks to be a next gen version of the traditional BitTorent client like Azureus only with a shitload of extras.

Here’s what Torrent Freak had to say about it:

The latest version of the “social” BitTorrent client Tribler integrates BitTorrent with YouTube while offering the best of both worlds: ease of use, browsing with thumbnails, HDTV quality, and Video on Demand support. The client uses an recommendation system to suggest what you might enjoy.

To give you an idea of just how “social” and “next gen” Tribler is, here’s a screen shot:

Tribler Screen Shot

With features like easy YouTube ripping, autochecking for files that other tribler users are hosting at that moment, and its Tivo like “I know what you like” feature, this could be a nice alternative for those of us who religiously use the spartan uTorrent for its massive speed advantage.  AND it has cool shiny buttons and stuff.

Oh, and the kewlest thing about it?  The first download option on their home screen is for LINUX!!!  Having finally made the switch, in its entirety, myself, this seems pretty damn cool.

So if you have a few hours to spare to riffle through all the files you can shake a stick at, and we know you do or you wouldn’t be here, give Tribler a try.  Guaranteed to kill at least a handful of boredom.

Die Bordom DIE!!!!

Tutorial: Wep Cracking At Its Best and Fastest Using Aircrack-PTW (Downloads)

17 05 2007

Source: The Register

A hanfull of hackers have the fastest attack on WEP that I’ve read of so far.

Here’s are the instructions via The Register:

 Step 1: Find the enemy (this is the test-network you created in your lab, to verify our results). You can use kismet or airodump to find it.

Step 2: Generate some traffic. To generate some traffic, use aireplay-ng in ARP injection mode. Aireplay will listen to the network until it has found an encrypted ARP packet. By reinjecting this packet again and again, you will generate a lot of traffic, and you will know that most of the traffic was ARP-traffic. For an ARP-Packet, you know the first 16 Bytes of the clertext and so the first 16 bytes of the cipherstream.

Step 3: Write this traffic to disk using airodump-ng or so. This will create a tcpdump-like capture file with the traffic.

Step 4: Launch our algorithm. You need the aircrack-ptw (by the way, aircrack-ptw has been integrated in the 0.9-dev version of aircrack-ng, which is currently in svn, but not released).

From a theoretical point of view, our algorithm is based on the following ideas. Andreas Klein, a German researcher, showed that there is a correlation in RC4 between Keybytes 1 to i-1, the keystream and the keybyte i. If the keybytes 1 to i-1 and the keystream are known, it is possible to guess the next unknown keybyte with a probability of about 1.36/256 which is a little bit higher than 1/256. We were able to show that it is also possible to guess the sum of keybytes i to i+k with a probability of more thatn 1.24/256.

In a WEP environment, the first three bytes of a packet key are always known and are called IV. Our tool tries to guess the sum of the next 1, 2, 3, … to 13 keybytes for every packet. If enough packets have been captured, the most guessed value for a sum is usually the right one. If not, the correct value is most times one of the most guessed ones.

Aircrack-ptw try to find the key, using this idea described above. If you have about 40,000 to 85,000 packets, your success probability is somewhere between 50 per cent and 95 per cent.

Sounds like fun!!

Big ups to The Register on the sweet article with the interview.  Please read the WHOLE article, the interview contains more information than the quick tutorial that I re-posted.  Reading the whole article will help you understand what this attack is really doing and how safe WEP really isn’t.

As for the attack itself, you can try to do it all in Windows using aircrack ported into cygwin.  However, I would suggest updating your BackTrack 2.0 disc or partition with the latest modules from the latest aircrack suite.

Happy Hacking!!

Microsoft Fianlly Sees Open Source As A Threat, Suing For Patents

14 05 2007

Tech News on ZDNet has a pretty authoritative article on Microsoft’s sudden decision that Open Source software like any Linux distro and Open Office.  Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me, especially since Linux has been around forever and its just now getting uber popular.  Its a money grab for royalties now that Linux and Open source is becoming popular.  I say fuck em and I hope they lose and that whoever they are suing countersues for something like defamation of character or something that would bite Micro$oft in the ass.

Here’s what ZDNet says:

Microsoft says open source violates 235 patents
Microsoft claims that free and open-source software violates 235 of its patents, according to a magazine report published Sunday.

In an interview with Fortune, Microsoft top lawyer Brad Smith alleges that the Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65. is accused of infringing 45, along with 83 more in other free and open-source programs, according to Fortune.

What a bunch of crap.  Why don’t they go ahead and sue Apple while they’re at it!!  Talk about a bunch of money grubbing monopolistic bastards.

I have a little message for the folks over at Microsoft:

Fuck You T Shirt

Now piss off!!

I really hope Dell starts selling linux boxes by the millions, like they keep hinting at, and that the whole world abandons Mircosoft as soon as humanly possible.  Those fucking shitwads, fuck em.

Have a nice day!