“Mario Worm Targets Retro Gamers” via The Register

31 07 2007

Check it.  Beware emails bearing games or links to games.

Mario worm targets retro gamers via The Register

The infected emails actually harbour the Romario-A worm , which in addition to launching a game starring the linguine-loving Italian plumber, also attempt to infect other unprotected computers by mass-mailing copies of itself.The worm is also capable of spreading via removable shared drives.

That’s the meat of the article but there’s more to it than just Romario-A, read the rest of the article.

Anyway, I was just impressed with the Romario-A worm’s ability to spread itself WHILE you get to play Mario!!  evil banana

But seriously, don’t be an idiot and open spam.  Even if the email is from someone you know, don’t just click any forwarded link or media that your pals send you.  Hell I don’t even open fwd’s from my mom!

The Most Popular YOUTUBE Video EVER!1!1!!!

26 07 2007

Well, here it goes…

Hmpf, and I thought it was gonna be porn… But this’ll do.

Anybody wanna impeach ALL the members of the most horrible administration in US history?

What’s that you say? Too apathetic?

Me too. //**eagle tear**//

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Online Test Can Answer: “Am I A Racist?”

6 06 2007

I’m sure many of us all over the world have spent sleepless nights trying to acquire the answer to a question that many would think simple and perhaps even self actualizing.  That torturous question is, “Am I A Racist?”

Well, help is here my friends.  The brainy folks over in their caaahs paahked Haaaaaahvaaaaaahd yaaahd (aka Harvard), have developed a test that you can take online and it will instantly tell you if you are a racist.  Follow the link below to realize your greatest fear, or find out if what you always thought was right or wrong.


NO, this is not market testing for a game/reality show to be aired next fall on FOX.  This is as real as anything else on the net.  Before taking the test I must warn you. Beware the horrible truth, or at the very least a statistical bell curve.

Please comment with your results.  NOTE:  I am particularly looking for self professed racists, who are told that they are actually closet tolerance advocates.

And please, be honest.  This is for science!!

PS: I secretly think this is being

Best Jerry Falwell Eulogy Ever!!

22 05 2007

Jerry Falwell 1933 – 2007

Tinky Winky

Source:Jerry Falwell 1933 – 2007 – TMZ.com

Graffiti or Mural: Evolution, Like Never Before, From Begining to *END* (HUGE IMAGE)

13 05 2007

The link I have here will take you to a HUGE image.  I can’t even post a thumbnail of it here because it measures 10,264 by 478 pixels!!

It is actually the most poignant comment on human evolution that I have ever seen.  If you look at this wall from left to right you will see a series of paintings that are all part of the same mural or urban art project.  The pictures tell a story of evolution where humans aren’t the end product.  It keeps going after humans show up, and that is where the story gets interesting. You have to see it for yourself to make your own deductions and then figure out what those deductions mean to you.

Here’s the Link:  mix001.jpg (JPEG Image, 10264×478 pixels)

Personally I think this particular piece of art belongs in the Louvre, but I have no idea how anyone would get it there 😉

The Identity Theft Sham via Zug

4 05 2007

The infamous pranksters over at ZUG have done it again with the most hilariously written Credit Card “safety” debunking pranks I have seen to date.  I mean this goes way and above the one where he signed random names on different receipts.  They set out to prove that the “identity theft protection” fee you pay isn’t worth crap. 

Here’s a quick intro:

Do credit card companies really care about identity theft fraud?

Credit card companies don’t give a rat’s ass.

That’s the conclusion I’ve reached after years of doing stunts like The Credit Card Prank, where I forged fake names to credit card receipts, and The Visa Prank, where dim-witted customer service representatives let me break into credit card accounts.

So when I got an offer in the mail for a new
“IdentityMonitor” service from Citi, which supposedly protects you from
identity theft, I laughed. First, because I was sure it wouldn’t work.
Second, because they were offering it to one of my own stolen

“John Myers” is one of the many pseudonyms that I’ve used for pulling off various credit card pranks: a real credit card with a fake name. I was amused that Citi was offering me the chance to “guard my good name,” even though the name wasn’t good.

So I immediately signed up for the identity theft service, using my thieved name.

You absolutely have to read the whole article: Credit Card Criminal: The Identity Theft Prank

It is hilarious and it really exemplifies just how little that “identity monitor” or whatever is worth in term sof actual protection.

As a teaser you can listen to this cutomer service call that they recorded regarding the Identity Theft problem.  CLICKY CLICKY

Its an MP3 file and it is hilarious, while at the same time really disturbing at just how easy it is to steal an identity AND just how little credit card companies care.

As an aside I wonder if he really kept all that fertilizer?  I mean what are you going to do with $300 worth of fertilizer?  Just wondering…

Good on Ya ZUG.  Best one yet!!

DON’T READ THIS: Lindsay Lohan’s Private Myspace Hacked!! (Pics)

22 04 2007

Well, I was seriously thinking about not posting this but then I thought, “Its hacking and it shows that no myspace account is private, no matter what you mark you account as or try to hide yourself.”  So here it is, but I’ll keep it short.

If you want, you can see the post over at Celebri-Net that lays out the details on what supposedly happened as far as the Paris Hilton and cohorts vs Lindsay Lohan.  They have some pics and the gossipy stuff that the People Magazines of the world will probably pounce on.  Here’s the basics straight from their site:

So “the Todd” from IDLYITW was tipped off by ONTD late last night about an assault on Lindsay Lohan’s private Myspace account which was cleverly hidden under the eloquent title “Privacycunt“. The assailant was allegedly hired by Paris’ camp to hack into LiLo’s space, steal her private Myspace photos, and take screen captured images of her private conversations with fellow celebs […]

There is one interesting update at the very end of the post:

 Update From The Hacker:
From RobbyR at Project X Tapes

Its funny cause the above text starts off with “off the record”, yet another testament to the fact that anything you send out on the net is NEVER “off the record”.  It would seem that the unnamed hacker who got into the account is actually named there as “hacker310”, but I dunno if this is a PM from a chain of PM’s that hacker310 was the last to hand off to RobbyR so that is yet to be confirmed.  Obviously, Lohan’s people found someone to sue to get the info off the net, which should make you think twice about being all stealthy and never getting caught.

If you must know the links to both Paris and Linday’s private Myspace accounts are also in the article:

Personal Myspace Accounts:
Lindsay Lohan’s Private Myspace Account
Paris Hilton’s Private Myspace Account

What is said to be Lindsay’s account is still private, but apparently Paris opened her account up.  Her Myspace blog says:

Monday, March 26, 2007

my profile is public…

…but my pictures are hidden

nice try though

6:58 PM

Guess she figured that someone might hack her right back, which is usually the result of having someone else hacked.

Anyhew, the source that “Oh No They Didn’t” reffers to is a Nicole Ritchie fan board: SOURCE

If you clicked on the link you’ll have noticed that the first member to post about Lindsay’s hacked account, says that they were doing a search for someone completely different.  Just goes to show you the power of Google even when you aren’t using advanced search options.

These are all the screen caps and pix that are out there for now:


Note that many of the screen caps are NSFW for language.

Most of the vulnerabilities involved with myspace are done by injecting some JS code into a video file (so far all I’ve seen are .swf and quicktime files).  I’ve already posted articles on how to execute this old hack, just search for them in the search bar.

My main reason for posting this is to further show that sites like myspace that allow unmoderated code are dangerously vulnerable to a multitude of hacks, especially if you are surfing with internet explorer.  Note that some of these hacks can do alot more than expose your myspace account, you can make a file that loads any kind of malware onto a victims PC.  If you want to be safe just make sure you have javascript blocked while you’re browsing sites like myspace.  You can use firefox and any of the script blocking extensions to do this with ease.

Other than that, I reccomend that people stop paying attention to Paris and Lindsay, maybe they’ll disappear like in Nightmare On Elm Street!!

I should probably have spell checked this post but I am getting really bored of the celeb stuff.

Hack On Bored People!!