KOS “We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime.” GONE!?!?

3 09 2007

We Are Going To Hit Iran. Bigtime.  An article on Daily KOS that has caused quite a buzz on the intarweb is gone?

Anyone know what happened????

Oh well, you can still track the story with tailrank.com HERE :


Anyhew, I was just poking around and I can’t find out where or why the article is just gone…

(OLD) News: Dude Who Runs ThePirateBay.com Raided (A Friggin Year Ago) **updated**

6 06 2007

**UPDATE**  I have been informed of the following.

Late (05:25:55)

Anakata’s site now says “Note to (stupid) DIGG users: This message is from LAST year! D’oh!”

If your wondering, I did try to check out how old the page was and it did say last modified in 06, I just thought that was an error on my end.  Guess I should have gone with my gut.  Oh, and no I didn’t find this on Digg, I found it on popurls or something like that.  Not exactly a trusted news source, but believeable seeing that the page was still there and TPB is always causeing some sort of great ruckus.  My bad.

Move along nothin to see here.  Man I feel dumb.
***End update***

Gottfrid Svartholm’s Private Website annouces that his personal house got raided by Swedish police. It appears that they took all of his computers and related material, including some 8″ floppies!!

Its pretty sparse but this is what the page says:

I got raided! (had to happen sometime, right?)
My darlings waerland, cthugha, ruda, argyria, akgw, aurora, fossmo, etc. are now in the possesion of the Swedish police.

Hope they have fun trying to read my 8″ disks and playing my collection of legally bought (!!) C64 games.

Free anakata!

That’s all. No more no less.

That link at the bottom takes you to a site that at the moment won’t load.

I’ll keep you updated.

Online Test Can Answer: “Am I A Racist?”

6 06 2007

I’m sure many of us all over the world have spent sleepless nights trying to acquire the answer to a question that many would think simple and perhaps even self actualizing.  That torturous question is, “Am I A Racist?”

Well, help is here my friends.  The brainy folks over in their caaahs paahked Haaaaaahvaaaaaahd yaaahd (aka Harvard), have developed a test that you can take online and it will instantly tell you if you are a racist.  Follow the link below to realize your greatest fear, or find out if what you always thought was right or wrong.


NO, this is not market testing for a game/reality show to be aired next fall on FOX.  This is as real as anything else on the net.  Before taking the test I must warn you. Beware the horrible truth, or at the very least a statistical bell curve.

Please comment with your results.  NOTE:  I am particularly looking for self professed racists, who are told that they are actually closet tolerance advocates.

And please, be honest.  This is for science!!

PS: I secretly think this is being

Linux Distributor Xandros Makes Un-Holy Union With Micrsoft

4 06 2007

A recent article in the San Jose Mercury News titled, “Microsoft strikes deal with Linux software distributor Xandros” tells us all of a new attempt at making open source more compatible (read: Uncle Tom) with Microsoft software.

Here’s the basics of the deal:

Microsoft said Monday it will share technology with Linux distributor Xandros Inc., the latest in a string of deals meant to help the patent-protected Windows operating system work more smoothly with open-source programs.Under the terms of the agreement, New York-based Xandros, which makes and distributes open-source desktop and server software, will license server code from Microsoft and develop software tools that work with Microsoft’s systems.

The companies also will work on technology to translate between two types of documents, Microsoft-developed OpenXML format and the Open Document Format. That could improve interoperability between Microsoft’s Office software and open-source rivals.

Microsoft also said in a statement it will endorse Xandros Server and Desktop programs as a preferred Linux distribution.


Something doesn’t smell right here.  Most of OpenOffice can save in formats that Microsoft’s Office suite can open and OpenOffice can open pretty much all the MS Office documents.  I don’t know much about the interoperability of server software but I do know that Linux servers are way more steady than Microsoft servers.  Other than Xandros getting a plug from Microsoft I find it hard to see a sweet deal for the open source community.  I could be missing something, but it seems like Microsoft is trying to assimilate Linux into standards and practices that will hinder open source from progressing far beyond the stagnant Microsoft crapware.  Perhaps the peeps over at Xandros see something different, but all I see is Microsoft keeping their enemies closer and getting one step closer to making Linux their bitch.

I’ll keep tabs on this growing situation as it happens.  Who knows it could be a good thing, maybe open source will bend Microsoft to its will and not the other way around?

Sorry to be so pessimistic.  I have a bit of the stomach flu.

Microsoft Fianlly Sees Open Source As A Threat, Suing For Patents

14 05 2007

Tech News on ZDNet has a pretty authoritative article on Microsoft’s sudden decision that Open Source software like any Linux distro and Open Office.  Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me, especially since Linux has been around forever and its just now getting uber popular.  Its a money grab for royalties now that Linux and Open source is becoming popular.  I say fuck em and I hope they lose and that whoever they are suing countersues for something like defamation of character or something that would bite Micro$oft in the ass.

Here’s what ZDNet says:

Microsoft says open source violates 235 patents
Microsoft claims that free and open-source software violates 235 of its patents, according to a magazine report published Sunday.

In an interview with Fortune, Microsoft top lawyer Brad Smith alleges that the Linux kernel violates 42 Microsoft patents, while its user interface and other design elements infringe on a further 65. OpenOffice.org is accused of infringing 45, along with 83 more in other free and open-source programs, according to Fortune.

What a bunch of crap.  Why don’t they go ahead and sue Apple while they’re at it!!  Talk about a bunch of money grubbing monopolistic bastards.

I have a little message for the folks over at Microsoft:

Fuck You T Shirt

Now piss off!!

I really hope Dell starts selling linux boxes by the millions, like they keep hinting at, and that the whole world abandons Mircosoft as soon as humanly possible.  Those fucking shitwads, fuck em.

Have a nice day!

May 14th Is FBI Internet Wiretap Day!!

13 05 2007

Happy Friggin Monday … NOT

Hai 2 U Americans. Get your privacy apps and proxies ready, cause the FBI will have all their gear set up by Monday May 14th:

May 14th is the official deadline for cable modem companies, DSL providers, broadband over powerline, satellite internet companies and some universities to finish wiring up their networks with FBI-friendly surveillance gear, to comply with the FCC’s expanded interpretation of the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.

Isn’t that special? Oh well, its not like “they” weren’t listening in the whole time anyway. Only now, its all legal thanks to a bill, aka CALEA, passed by Congress in ’94 to help expedite the process of phone/cellular wiretapping, which was expanded to wiretapping the net in June of 2006. Unfortunately, we can’t just blame G W Bush for all this crap.  Darn.

However, fear not! An IP address does not represent a person. They are easy to change and easy to spoof. So, whatever they might “hear” could be coming from anywhere or from anyone. Also, this bill merely expedites the process of getting the authority for wiretapping, it does not give anyone carte blanche to just go around logging data whenever and wherever they want.

Just in case you may want to keep you privacy on principle, the good anonymity tools to use are TOR and JAP, and if you’re really concerned about privacy you can pay for a VPN to Rellaks.

If you have any questions about what this all means, go HERE where the EFF explains it all in fine detail.

Um, try to enjoy your day without punching the next republican you see, while screaming “Land of the free they call it!”

SOURCE: Threat Level – Wired Blogs

Suprise: Fox News Purposefully Misquotes Obama On US Troops In Iraq

5 05 2007

Thanks to the peeps over at SpinnWebe, we have yet another example of Fox “Faux” News’ Right Wing bias and general craptasticness.

See for yourself:

April 1, speaking about the current conflict between the Senate and the President over war funding, Barack Obama says this (from USA Today):

“I think that nobody wants to play chicken with our troops on the ground,” said Obama. “I do think a majority of the Senate has now expressed the belief that we need to change course in Iraq.”

Yesterday, this graphic comes up on Fox:

Does anyone else want to vomit with anger?

Huge props to SpinnWebe for catching this.  It just goes to show you that Fox News cannot be trusted to follow a story with any amount of credibility or honesty.  “Fair and Balanced” indeed.  There should be some sort of regulatory service for news outlets that could somehow shame or take disciplinary action against media moguls like Fox News.  Of course, free speech applies to these fuckers just like it applies to me, but fuckin A this shit is getting ridiculous.

People trust news outlets to give them the truth, even though they shouldn’t, and that trust is being abused to the extreme.  Maybe Jon Stewart could get rid of Fox News alltogether, he did it for “Crossfire”.  Man I love that clip: CLICKY.  Anyway, we’re probably just SOL and JWF as far as getting rid of Fox News all-together.

With Rupert Murdoch looking into buying the Wall Street Journal, this only makes me more averse to following the main stream media.  Not that I ever put much credence in them to start with.

In short, fuck those guys!

And GO SpinnWebe GO!!