German Computer Confiscations NOT an Attack on TOR

11 09 2006

Says the Executive Director of the TOR project.

Here is what the director over at TOR had to say on this issue [comments via ITNOMAD post Germany Crackdown on TOR-Node Operators]


Shava said 1 hour ago:

Actually we only have six exit-nodes confirmed, and none of the server operators have been charged. We have folks on the ground in Germany who say that dozens and dozens of computers seemed to have been seized, and there is no indication that Tor is under attack at all.

We expect this to blow over, the server operators to get their machinery back.

But my goodness, the brush fire over this issue is likely to get us a lot of unwanted bad press — please encourage folks to be calm!


Shava Nerad
executive director
The Tor Project




Shava said 21 minutes ago:

if you need to contact me for more information, here’s our official statement and my contact info:

Last week, a few Tor exit-node servers were seized by the German police in a

massive sting against child pornography. From our friends on the ground in

Germany, we hear that dozens and dozens of machines may have been seized.

So far as we know only six of those were Tor servers. We have heard from the

server operators. None of them has been charged.

This is not a “crackdown” on Tor, as has been widely reported. We

expect and hope that the volunteer Tor server operators in Germany will get

their equipment back after this has blown over, and there will be no action

against Tor.

Please contact me for more information.

Shava Nerad
executive director
The Tor Project
shava -at- freehaven -dot- net

Just in case you were wondering if this is THE guy to talk to, find info on Shava at IDMASHUP.

Please DONATE to the TOR project or VOLUNTEER, also don’t forget to run TOR in server mode.

Stay calm everyone. And keep your Nodes running. THis will blow over just like hte Pirate Bay fiasco.



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