Senate Rolls Over For Sen. Ted “Clogged Tubes” Stevens

3 08 2006

Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Rolls Over For Senator Stevens [via VoIP News]

Are you friggin kidding me!!! The “Internet Tubes” guy is really moving on with this?!??!


A quick visit to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation web page reveals a little advert on the bottom left for the ‘Senate Communications Bill.’ So far fairly innocent although it does make you wonder which one of the vast array of communications bills under consideration now and in the past that this might refer to.OK – who am I kidding – it MUST be the big Senator Stevens bill – and it is. But what you get to isn’t what you expect or even what it says it is. The URL for the link is ‘About.CommunicationsBill‘ but what you get is a huge list of organizations that the page claims support the bill. Nothing about what the bill says – not even a link to the text of the bill (here that is by the way) and certainly not a display of the opposition in an attempt to be fair. The only other link on the page takes you to a fawning and highly inaccurate Washington Post editorial that interestingly uses the word ‘pipes’ to refer to the Internet (and, to be fair, wires, which conjures up images of the basement in an aging warehouse). No other information.

We are so screwed. The man is a bumbling idiot, one three steps behind Mr. McGoo.

I hope he really goes on The Daily Show. Jon will fix it. Just like Crossfire.

Video – A Tribute To Fidel Castro

1 08 2006

Enjoy –

Mel “DUI” Gibson: ‘I am not an anti-Semite’ = LIAR

1 08 2006 – Gibson: ‘I am not an anti-Semite’ – Aug 1, 2006

This really pisses me off to no end.  Mel is so full of shit.

Picture this:

Mel Gibsone Mug Shot

Saying this:

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Actor Mel Gibson on Tuesday admitted making anti-Semitic remarks during his drunken driving arrest and appealed to the Jewish community to help him recover from his alcohol addiction.

“I’m not just asking for forgiveness,” Gibson said in a statement issued through his publicist. “I would like to take it one step further, and meet with leaders in the Jewish community, with whom I can have a one on one discussion to discern the appropriate path for healing.”

Gibson, 50, said, “There is no excuse, nor should there be any tolerance, for anyone who thinks or expresses any kind of anti-Semitic remark.”

He apologized to “everyone in the Jewish community.”

“Please know from my heart that I am not an anti-Semite. I am not a bigot. Hatred of any kind goes against my faith,” Gibson said. (Read the full statement.)

By definition (See Google Search Def Here) Mel “I Hate Jews” Gibson, is anit-semetic.  I’m glad that he supposedly wants to “help heal” what he has done, but it was done and he is a Nazi.  Let me put it this way Mel if your heros are…

jesus  AND Hitler
Then YOU are an anti-semetic Jesus freak.  Which is odd because JESUS WAS A JEW!!!!  (BTW- Say high to your Dad for me)  And for one who is especially savvy about being in the public light, you should know that, you are what you say.  Words like this only further perpetuate Theological Bigotry.  Words like these are hate crimes and should be punished with “Great and Furious Anger”, or at least a really terse email.

Get over yourself Mel, stop trying to be the Uber Christian and start trying to be a good human being.


In the comments post your most imaginative punishment for Mel “I Hate Jews” Gibson.  The one with the best punishment wins absolutely nothing but my personal respect and a link on my blog.

Frist: Senate To Pass Pension Bill + He Hates Poor People

1 08 2006

Frist: Senate set to pass pension bill – MarketWatch

This can’t be a good thing:

If the pension bill were amended on the Senate floor, it would have to go back to the House or another conference committee. Since the House left town on Saturday for a five-week recess and the Senate plans to recess at the end of this week, a bill wouldn’t make it President Bush’s desk until after Labor Day.

That leaves no choice but for the Senate to pass the bill, Frist said, charging that billions of dollars in debt would likely be added to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., the employer-funded federal agency that serves as a backstop to the defined-benefit pension system. Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines have both warned they will be forced to dump their pension plans unless funding rules are changed soon.

It sounds to me like Frist here is, what economists call, full of shit.  Why in that name of sweet green “benjamins” would the senate pass a bill so that it wouldn’t have to go back to the house?!?!!

Just come out and say it Frist, YOU HATE POOR PROPLE, and by poor people I mean anyone not in the New England Silver spoon club.

Here’s an idea instead of passing a bill that is half backed, like your kids Frist, hold onto it or vote it down.

Senate, I’m talking to the whole Senate now, don’t be a dic and pass this bill “just cuz”.  Pass it if it will help the pensioners.  If it won’t, if it will actually wind up with enronesque results, even if there just a hint of enron in the Air, DON’T PASS THE BILL.

Top Agent Calls for Hollywood to Boycott Mel “DUI” Gibson Projects

1 08 2006

Top Agent Calls for Hollywood to Boycott Mel Gibson Projects ::


HOLLYWOOD – Heavyweight movie agent Ari Emanuel has joined the campaign urging Hollywood’s top producers to boycott projects involving Mel Gibson after the alleged anti-Semitic remarks he made during a Friday night arrest for drunk driving.

Mel Mel Mel, Even I know that there are alot of people who also happen to be of the Jewish faith that are “Hollywood-Heavyweights”.  Nice mug shot though.

HOW TO – Make a “street art” sticker (video) + Anti-Tag pt2

1 08 2006

MAKE: Blog: HOW TO – Make a street art sticker (video)


A bit ago I posted a story about me being the Anti-Tagger. Well this video makes it so much easier to ant-tag!!!

Imagine having a hundred pre-made stickers that say “Is Ghey” or “Is a Pedophile” or “n00b Loser, then you could very quickly teach a tagger a lesson he will not soon forget.

That lesson is “tagging = teh ghey”

is ghey

Tawker Blocked Stephen Colbert on Wikipedia?!!? (w/ video)

31 07 2006

tawkerblog » Blog Archive » I blocked Stephen Colbert on Wikipedia

After this Colber Report piece:

Tawker blocked Colbert!!! Link below to prove it.

HEre’s what Tawker had to say:

Yes, that’s right. I blocked the defender of truth, Stephen Colbert tonight on Wikipedia. Yes, I am Wikipedia Tawker and yes, I blocked. That “joke” used way too much of my bandwidth, my poor Tawkerbot4 couldn’t keep up!
In all, we ended up protecting 20 elephant related pages (I’m not listing them all here, I only have so much disk space ) , my stats for the the anti vandalism bots show 250 or so elephant related pages reverts. Most were, you guessed it, the fact that the population tripled – way too many times (repetition my friend).
Ironically, Wikipedia suffered an database overload at the same time that this went to air, but that was totally unrelated to the event.
Now, if Stephen Colbert is out there, I’m willing to appear on the show if you put me on report. I need one round trip airfare to New York for the taping but just give me a date and I’ll go.

Waaaaaaaaaaaah, my bandwith got all used up. I want to be on your show. Waaaaaaah.

For the love of a Russioan Mail Order Bride, Strap on a sack Tawker! Colbert just gave you incalculable amounts of free advertising, and your thanks it to shut him down??? Pony up the money man! I am using too many exclaimation points. I feel all Jesus-ish time for a nap.

One word: Tomfuckery