Art Student Dresses Up and Hides Amongst the Terracotta Warriors

18 09 2006

Man of clay outwits police |


A GERMAN art student (Wendel) outfoxed police in China when he disguised himself as one of the 2000 world-famous terracotta warriors and took his place among them, creating an unusual manhunt.

Wendel had come prepared, Xinhua said.He had carried out a reconnaissance mission a few days earlier and had selected a spot among the warriors that would give him the most cover.

He also designed himself a gown and hat identical to those once worn by Emperor Qinshihuang’s warriors, and even brought a plinth to stand on.

After leaping into the pit, he quickly donned his costume and waited.

Police said it took them two minutes to find the “living terracotta warrior”, clad in military garb and staring straight ahead with unblinking eyes.

The police officers tried to force him to leave but Wendel persisted with his pose. Finally, the police officers picked up the prostrate figure and carried him out as if he was a log, Xinhua said.

Wendel, whose Chinese name is Ma Lin, said he had been passionate about the terracotta warriors since childhood.

“I have always dreamed of disguising myself as a terracotta warrior among the real ones,” he said.

Bwahahahahahaha. Those wacky “art students”. They are always up to some Lucy like hijinx.

SRSLY though – That dood is weird.



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