Mashable’s Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources

27 06 2007

Mashables does it again and comes up with this kick ass list. “Video Toolbox: 150+ Online Video Tools and Resources

Check the intro:

Online video is a huge trend – so huge that’s it’s proving hard to keep track. From video sharing sites to video mixers, mashups and converters, we’ve brought together more than 150 of our favorite sites in this category. Enjoy.

Follow the link to read the list silly: Video Toolbox

Why Won’t Bill O’Reilly Die?

27 06 2007

Man, a teenager owns his ass and he still won’t just disappear.

I realize this is all over the net now, but its till makes me want to put the “I Hate Bill O’Reilly” page back up… there I just did it.


That was almost as disgusting a display of the stereotypical “ugly-American”, as the “Paris Hilton gets out of jail” fiasco. Thank god for K.O.!!

Bill is such an ass. I’m gonna see if I can drum up some code to make a hand come out of Bill’s monitor and slap him like a bitch every time he tries to open his mouth. 🙂

In the meantime, we will have to rely on Olberman to be our resounding voice of disdain for Billdo and all that keep him on the air.

Mr. Wizard Dies At 89

12 06 2007

Its a sad day for all of geekdom.  Mr. Wizard has passed away.

Don Herbert, 89; TV’s ‘Mr. Wizard’ taught science to young baby boomers – Los Angeles Times
Don Herbert, who explained the wonderful world of science to millions of young baby boomers on television in the 1950s and ’60s as “Mr. Wizard” and did the same for another generation of youngsters on the Nickelodeon cable TV channel in the 1980s, died Tuesday. He was 89.

This guy made me WANT to learn, no matter what the subject was.

Here’s to you Don!

Rest well, you deserve it.

THE TEN – NSFW Unrated Movie Trailer Points To Greatness!!

7 06 2007

  Just from the trailer, I want to see this movie.  Plus Paul Rud is just funny.

You can grab news on the flick via their homepage:THE TEN

Break A Leg Guys!!!  This Looks Awesome!!

How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac via

5 06 2007

This hack is so simple I am humbled to stupidity in its presence.

Follow the link to see the extremely brief and easy to follow tutorial with download links!!

HERE: How To: Export Video From Your Set-Top Box To Your Mac [via]

Enjoy, you macheads you!!

I Found It On YouTube…

22 05 2007

What the crap is this?? I mean I can get the basic idea but I can’t for the life of me figure out what part of the body that is…

What part of the body is she touching??

PS: If you watch it with no sound then it makes less sense.

FRIDAY EXTRA: Western Influence = Arab Lesbians!! (NSFW VIDEO)

18 05 2007

I absolutely had to friggin post this:

I don’t care what language you say it in that was friggin HAWT!!!!1!!!!1!!!!!!11!1!!!!