The Fight For America, Real Time Election Results!! (link)

7 11 2006

ABC News: Vote2006

When you click the link above you can get a pretty good scorecard of who’s a winnin’ in todays elections. So far there aren’t any results but its not even close to poll closing time.

What do you think? Is the GOP going to keep both houses or are the democrats going to take at least one OR are the democrats going to take it all? I hope the dems take it all.
I’d just like to say that if the Democrats can’t take at least one of the houses, then I’m moving to another country. I will not be held responsible for living amongst retards.



CNN Poll on Michael J. Fox vs Rush “The POS” Limbaugh (Video)

30 10 2006

Who are the 14% who don’t view Michael J. Fox favorably??  14% is alot!!

I would like to take the time to tell that 14% that:


David Letterman vs Bill O’Reilly (Video)

27 10 2006


Did I mention that?

Michael J. Fox: ‘I Could Give a Damn About Rush Limbaugh’s Pity…I’m Not A Victim’ (Video)

27 10 2006

Go Mike!!

Fuck Rush!!

DNC’s “Stay The Course” ad!! (Video)

26 10 2006

Lets see if anyone will air it.

Fox & Friends Anchor Perpetuates Myth That Michael J. Fox Was Acting (Video Link)

25 10 2006

Think Progress » Fox & Friends Anchor Perpetuates Myth That Michael J. Fox Was Acting

I can not believe the right wing media is backing Rush Limbaug’s maniacle ravings about Michael J. Fox.


This morning, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade continued the attack, implying that Michael J. Fox may have been acting because he “looked great” on “Boston Legal” — the ABC show in which Fox guest-starred. “I mean,” Kilmeade added, “I know they cut it different and edit it different, but he looked fantastic.”

Watch The Video HERE

“Looked great” on “Boston Legal”?!?!?!

Could everyone on “Fox and Friends” die please.  You are wasting space and air.

Digg To Be Sold To News Corp For $150million Dollars!

25 10 2006

The Browser: Truth and rumors from the tech world

Say Goodbuy to Digg Not Sucking.


$5 million or $150 million? That’s the question the blogosphere woke up to this morning. TechCrunch reports that Digg, the red-hot social news site, is either looking to sell itself for $150 million-plus, or will land a $5 million round of financing led by Greylock Partners. Rupert Murdoch’s reportedly sniffing around, but Digg’s sale price is a turnoff. The big unknown? Traffic numbers. Digg claims 20 million unique visitors, but ComScore says it’s closer to 1 million.

Ahh, where would Web 2.0 be without the juicy fisticuffs over traffic estimates and company valuations. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch calls Comscore “notoriously flaky,” and argues that its number is “almost certainly significantly under-reporting Digg traffic.” Of course, Digg users are up in arm, arguing that $150 million short-changes the site. “That number seems so low compared to Facebook’s 1 billion dollar request doesn’t it?” asks one, while many others simply get worked up over the hypothetical prospect of Fox censoring the site. “Keep Digg real,” pleads another Digger.

Meanwhile, Search Engine Journal anoints Google – which recently struck a deal with News Corp. to supply ads to MySpace – is the better company to buy Digg: “If Fox Interactive were to acquire Digg and somehow spin it into a MySpace partnered news site (no, not Fox News) which is monetized in part by Google AdSense…wouldn’t it make much more sense for Google to acquire the company, bring Kevin Rose [Digg’s founder] into Google… and have Digg and YouTube sit right across from each other in some really groovy Google 2.0 IncubatorPlex?”

Did you follow that? OK, just to reiterate: no money has actually changed hands – yet.

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