Democrats To Start Without GOP Input!!

2 01 2007

I wasn’t even going to read the article I just liked the title so much but then I read this intro:

Democrats To Start Without GOP Input –

As they prepare to take control of Congress this week and face up to campaign pledges to restore bipartisanship and openness, Democrats are planning to largely sideline Republicans from the first burst of lawmaking.House Democrats intend to pass a raft of popular measures as part of their well-publicized plan for the first 100 hours. They include tightening ethics rules for lawmakers, raising the minimum wage, allowing more research on stem cells and cutting interest rates on student loans.

Man first USC beats Michigan and now this.  Its gonna be a fuckin great year if this keeps up!!

Since the congress is going to go ahead and give the finger to the GOP, I’m gonna go ahead and issue a GIANT


To the Following people:

  1. Bill O’Reilly
  2. Rush Limbaugh
  3. Ann Coulter
  4. Fox News
  5. Republicans in General

I’d like to say,

Fuck You T Shirt


Nelson Ha Ha

Sucks to be you!!

Oh and, Happy New Year 😉

Right Wing Watch: Soy Makes You Gay!!! Oh No!!!!

12 12 2006

Right Wing Watch: Soy Makes You Gay

You just have to read the article to get the gist of it, but basically a la “the teletubies are gay” some right wingnut is saying “soymilk” will make you gay and or destroy America.

Now are you happy that they don’t run Congress or the Senate??  Or have you been noticing a rise in the amount of lactose intolerant people AND gays…

FINALLY: Top 11 Keith Olbermann Links Via BuzzFeed

5 12 2006

Keith Olbermann – BuzzFeed

  1. Keith Isn’t Afraid to Share His Opinion with You


  2. Keith Olbermann Hates Newt Gingrich


  3. A Lovely Commentary on Rumsfeld


  4. “There is no line this President has not crossed.”


  5. MSNBC Is On a Roll


  6. Keith Olbermann Disses His Boss, Thinks He’s Invincible


  7. Olbermann in the Blogosphere: “Bush owes us an apology”


  8. Keith Olbermann Is A Stubborn Mule


  9. Olbermann Delivers More Scathing Remarks About Bush Administration, Fox News


  10. “It is a shame and it is embarrassing to us all when President Bush travels 8000 miles only to wind up avoiding reality again.”


  11. Conservative Commentator Cal Thomas Names Keith Olbermann “Turkey of the Year”


There will definitaly be more Olberman links…CAUSE HE IS THE !##& SH!T U REPUGNANT REPUBLICAN FARTMITTEN!!


Top 5 Bill O’Reilly “Professional Jackass” Moments [via] Liberal Candy (Videos)

4 12 2006

Liberal Candy: Top 5 Bill O’Reilly -“Professional Jackass” Moments

Great set of videos from youtube.

Bill O’Reilly Slams iPods and Gamers, Apparently He Is Retarded

20 11 2006

Bill O’Reilly Slams PS3 Launch, Gamers, iPods, Digital Tech (not in that order) [via]

All credit goes to GamePolitics for catching this asshatery:

The controversial talk show host, who advertises his program as a “no spin zone” offered the following spin on gamers and much of their favorite gear:

American society is changing for the worse because of the machines… In the past to flee the real world people usually chose drugs or alcohol… now you don’t have to do that, Now all you have to do is have enough money to buy a machine…

What in the name of all that is retarded is Bildo talking about?!?  Has he gone totally retarded?:

Even though O’Reilly’s pay site offers a podcast, the pundit rather curiously disses the iPod and seems to equate video gaming with national collapse:

I don’t own an iPod. I would never wear an iPod… If this is your primary focus in life  – the machines… it’s going to have a staggeringly negative effect, all of this, for America… did you ever talk to these computer geeks? I mean, can you carry on a conversation with them? …I really fear for the United States because, believe me, the jihadists? They’re not playing the video games. They’re killing real people over there.

This just in Bildo has gone from just plain old dumb to Retarded.  I mean there isn’t just blatant hipocracy and conservative shocktivism, this is the meaningless blithering of a mongoloid.

Maybe the prayers are working…

Olberman On Leaked Fox News Memo (Video)

17 11 2006

The politics of fear are still alive and well.

I can’t wait to see ol’ Rummy behind bars, then Bush!!  And imagine it, “President Pelosi”…

It’s like liberal nocturnal emissians!!

HOT NEWS: Rush Limbaugh HELPS Democrats Take Missouri Senate Seat!!!

8 11 2006

Right wing disgrace to the name Republican Rush Limbaugh, has HELPED Democrat McCaskill take the senate seat for the great state of Missouri. McCaskill ran against an incumbent Republican Talent. Talent had NO STRIKES AGAINST HIM. He had no scandals. He was in very good standing AND He was the incumbent!! It is an understatement to say that McCaskill was the underdog from the beginning of the Missouri senate race. It seemed an impossibility that McCaskill could beat the flawless incumbent Talent.

However, after Rush Limbaugh’s statements about Michael J. Fox “Faking” his Parkenson’s symptoms in an ad that supported McCaskill for her liberal views on the hot topic of “Stem Cell Research”.

See Previous Posts – For Limbaugh’s outrageous and damning statements about Michael J. Fox and the fallout thereafter:

It is obvious that Rush and fellow Republican’s from Fox (aka Faux) News helped turn the tide towards McCaskill, especially when one takes into consideration the lack of political anything she had over Talent.

Perhaps, next time Rush decides to open his drug addled mouth during any election he will think twice about it. Perhaps, its time for Mr. Limbaugh to fade away.

On behalf of all those that supported Michael J. Fox I would like to say “Thanks Rush!!”.