The Most Popular YOUTUBE Video EVER!1!1!!!

26 07 2007

Well, here it goes…

Hmpf, and I thought it was gonna be porn… But this’ll do.

Anybody wanna impeach ALL the members of the most horrible administration in US history?

What’s that you say? Too apathetic?

Me too. //**eagle tear**//

follow the jump for more…

BTW – The first video is a re-post and a response to this:

Which is probably Jon Stewart’s attempt at preventing this:

Which is a follow up to this:


Liberal Viewer may have the most boring voice since, well ever, but he’s got a point there.  I do hate me some FOX (faux) News…

However,  I think this last one really says alot about the current administration:

I didn’t know Ed Helms went on to “The Office”, I just now made the connection!?!?!?!  Wow, he looks way different.
That was fun.  I’m gonna go do something even M0AR useless.  How bout you?



4 responses

30 07 2007

I also though it was porn… something fishy here 😐

btw remove my other backbone link from your list and add the new one 😉

2 02 2008
22 04 2008
Aaron Donovan

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Eldon Siemens – Maxwell Realty

27 02 2009

I would love to impeach all the members of the most stupid, and horrid administration in history. But Obama has only been in office a month so far, still let’s impeach him..horrorible president already

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