Best List Of Cures For Procrastination Ever

23 06 2007

11 Causes and Cures for Procrastination [via], is the best little list that I have ever seen on the net.  Its short, simple and to the point.  John lists one cause and one simple cure for each of 11 bullet points, plus there’s more in the rest of the post and comments!!  Of course the cures aren’t easy to do, but at least there isn’t some long winded explanation of how to go about a solution.  I love it!!

You can follow the jump to see the list or just click the link to see the whole post.  There’s more to this article than just the list you know.

Best of luck.

The list:

  • Complicated-task anxiety: Break big, complicated tasks into smaller pieces. Complete a starter task, no matter how small.
  • Fear of imperfection: Accept that perfection is rarely attainable and seldom necessary. You’re a person, not a robot. Use the 80/20 rule whenever appropriate.
  • Indecision: Determine your decision-making criteria, then set a deadline for your decision. Ask a friend to hold you accountable.
  • Priority confusion: Distinguish obligations from options. What are you really responsible for? List and prioritize tasks.
  • Boredom from minutiae: Automate simple repetitive tasks whenever possible.
  • Lack of focus: Minimize distractions. Check e-mail and voicemail only twice per day instead of every 5 minutes. Find a quiet room where you can concentrate. Resist the urge to keep taking breaks.
  • Poor organizational skills: Clean your work area. Put tools and utensils in their proper place so you can find them when you need them.
  • Laziness: Remind yourself of the consequences of procrastination. Resist the urge to be a couch potato. Try to complete several small tasks to provide a feeling of accomplishment. Reward yourself.
  • Lack of energy: Maintain a regular sleep routine. Eat healthy. Exercise regularly. Do not skip breakfast.
  • Early morning lag: Before you stop working each day, make a list of the tasks you want to begin first thing the following morning so you can hit the ground running the next day.
  • Post-lunch fatigue: Before leaving for lunch, make a list of the things you plan to do when you get back so you can pick up where you left off. Avoid eating a heavy lunch.

All credit and rights to this list belong to

Great job John!!



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23 06 2007


23 06 2007


23 06 2007


23 06 2007

thanks for the “comments” ludiklimp, thanks…

15 06 2012

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