How To Hack A Voting Machine In 60 SECONDS!!!! (VIDEO)

13 06 2007

This vid posted on youtube by stemcomputerssuck, shows you how to replace the ROM (aka Read Only Memory) of a voting machine, like the ones you are going to use to vote against the GOP reign of terror. This isn’t the first hack we’ve seen for voting machines, but its the first I’ve seen done in 60 (SIXTY) FRIGGIN SECONDS!!!

NOTE: One commenter said that you could speed the physical hack up with an electric screw driver. I agree, as long as you keep everything grounded to avoid any electrostatic shocks, it could be done even faster!!

Here’s the little bit of description that stemcomputerssuck left with the vid:

A detailed technical analysis of this e-voting machine can be found on http://www.wijvertrouwenstemcomputers…

But don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe. We have top men working on becoming completely apathetic towards US politics as I type!!

evil banana



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15 06 2012

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