Breaking News: Viri and Exploit Database is Up and Running!!!

4 06 2007

For all those who haven’t been following the progress of, lets just say that its a repository for everything hacktastic that has ever or will ever exist on the net. For those who have been following leetupload, and signed up to be a member, the viri and exploit db is ready to plunder!!!

NOTE: If you haven’t signed up for membership and you feel all left out and benchwarmery inside, follow this link:

On to the good news!!

Here’s the email I got today (with a couple edits for my sake):

The database of Virii and Exploits is finally up! This is a proud day for

If the first time you load the database is slow, just give it some time. From thereafter, it should be smooth sailing.

In other news: As of yet, we currently have 503 members, so keep them coming!

To login, click here: And then select which database you prefer; “Exploits” or “Virii.”

I thank you, the community, for supporting, and hope that all of you enjoy the database.

Oh we will more than enjoy the new database, leetupload!! We will wallow in it like a gamer wallows in their newly opened Wii or someother such person or thing that enjoys wallowing in something kewl!!

Thanks leetupload!!

For those of you who haven’t signed up to be a member, I highly suggest you do so immediately. Sign up for both the DB and the Forums so you can feel all cool an shit!! CLICKY to sign up



One response

7 06 2007

I appreciate you posting this. 🙂 So yeah, the slowness factor, um… my PHP indexer sucks, and tries to search through every single 60,000 files before it displays any files, ugh. I’ll figure out a way to fix that.

Anyway, there will be a mirror of the virii and exploits database up soon, the server just got re-imaged, and the files are currently being copied over.


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