leetupload.com – A Huge Vault Of Hacking Tools, Videos and More

7 05 2007

Leetupload.com is kind of like VXChaos file server, which has gone MIA of late, only its a little more sleek, it doesn’t just focus on viri and its brand spanking new.

Here’s the word from the horses mouth:

This site is dedicated as a repository for “hacking” programs for Windows and Linux. Please note that hacking means nothing but tweaking or cleverly [wink] resolving a problem [nudge] . Use the programs as you wish, but this site or its provider are not responsible in terms of how you use these programs, (i.e. for educational purposes only).

The way this site works is as follows. I will update the database to the best of my capability, to a point. You, the community, may upload whatever you feel is relevant to the site in terms of security, docs/videos, etc. Then, I will eventually review each submitted item, and add it to the database.

Note: I added the “wink” and “nudge”.

All said an done, its pretty friggin’ sweet!! There are already alot of files for download, seperated into different catagories with some descriptions. Me likey alot. I don’t know what the download speeds are gonna be like, but if they can even come close to collecting and backlogging all the hacktasic stuff out there, then speed doesn’t matter as long as these things don’t disappear.

You can browse through the database of everything under the hacking sun here: Leetupload DB

They have pretty much all their bases covered there with a wiki, a forum and of course the database. It’s pretty rockin’ and I’m totally gonna blogroll it AND put it in the “PLZ VISIT” section.

After taking a good long gander at their assets, I already signed up as a user and am eagerly awaiting the confirmation email.

My verdict: This site is gonna be HUGE!!

Good on ya leetupload!!



6 responses

7 05 2007

Many thanks for posting this article, linking me, the support, and joining the forum. 😀 I kept rubbing my eyes when I woke up this morning to see such an article. About the videos, either you can upload them temporarily to an ftp server of yours, and then I can download and reupload them, or I can give you a temporary ftp server so you can send them to me. Whatever works for you, either way I am very eager to receive them.

Thank you very much for the publicity!


20 05 2007
lonely boy

please !!!!can someone here help me what is the best and easy hacking password tools for me to download and then crack !

1 08 2007

thnx man so much thanks

5 05 2008

nice one…. thanks…more can be viewed here http://www.badhackerz.com

20 01 2009

nice one…. thanks…more can be viewed here http://www.thebadhackerz.com

15 06 2012

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