D00d SRSLY WTF: Coke Plus?!?!

7 05 2007

While waltzing through the local CVS I saw a strange site.  And it looked a little something like this:

diet coke plus

Its the design that catches the eye at first then its the little text at the bottom that says something to the effect of “contains vital vitamins and nutrients”.  That’s when I was all, STFU!?!?  Really?

So when I got back home I decided to give it a little research and this little image from the official Diet Coke page:

diet Coke Plus desc.

So, its got a teeny tiny amount of Niacin, B6, B12, Zinc and Magnesium, well whoopidy doo!!


I  hope to the giant spaghetti monster, that peeps out there are not fooled by this obvious shame of a “healthy” cola.  Maybe its just me, but this seems like an unholy union of vitamins and Coke meant to snag the healthy crowd and perhaps put one over on the ladies out there that order a Big Mac, Large Fries and a Diet Coke.  Maybe they will start buying Coke Plus en masse to help curb their weight.

I ‘m gonna let those “Big Mac + Diet Coke = Attempt at losing weight” peeps out there in on a little secret. If you are not already taking a multi vitamin in the morning, which you probably aren’t, then this veritable cornucopia of vitamins and minerals are already covered.  The more the merrier right?  RRRRONG!!! Too much niacin can lead to what is called “niacin burn”, which elevates your body temp and can cause serious problems, especially in the eldery who are probably already taking large doses of niacin.

As always, If you really want to loose weight, you’re gonna have to suck it up and go; sans soda (in any form), sans fast food, and start exercising.  Its not as easy as it sounds, not by a long shot, but its better than being a pawn of a major cola company and dying an untimely death.

So, that’s a big “wag of the finger”, thank u Colbert, to the Coca-Cola company, and a tip of the hat to anyone out there that did NOT buy this crap on impulse just because the packaging design looks kewl (and it says vitamins).



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15 06 2012

I havenˇ¦t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

26 01 2015
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D00d SRSLY WTF: Coke Plus?!?! | TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld

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