Review: PureVideo beta, A Good Place To Search For Videos?

5 05 2007

PureVideo touts itself as THE place to find “News Clips, Sports Highlights, Viral Videos, Funny Videos and Movie Trailers”, but is it really a good idea to make that your default search for Videos?

Yes the site yields results from every place a video could possible located, from freehosts like Dailymotion to private sites that host their own videos, but…and this is the killer…

If you go to their main page you are immediately inundated with a flash popup and tons of other adware and spyware.

I can tell you all that I won’t be using PureVideo to search for anything.  If they ever expect to get out of beta they had better get rid of all the cheap money grabbing crap like popups and spyware.  The sites that make it into the big leagues never bothered with that kind of crap and that’s probably what made them popular in the first place.  PureVideo would do well to take notes from the likes of YouTube, which started small but grew to become one of the largest sales of any site ever.

For now my verdict is to NOT use PureVideo.  Sorry guys, but there’s just too many annoying and potentially harmful aspects of your site to make it bookmark worthy.

Clicker beware.



One response

16 05 2007

We heard you!

Head back to It’s free of any obtrusive advertising (no overlays like before), the interface has been redone and we’re back to basics.

We also have a new feature coming online soon called “DirectHIT” that on searches for popular things like recent movies, TV shows, celebs, music you’ll get a special result that links to the “official” media from the show, celeb, artist, company etc. etc.

Thanks for helping us get better!



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