UPDATE: How to Tie The 10 Most Useful Knots, Plus 22 More

5 05 2007

The photographers and animators over at Mother Earth News have requested that I remove their image of the “10 most useful knots”.  I guess there are still a few people that don’t recognize how much value there is in the exposure one gets from properly reposted images with credit given where credit is due.

Anyway, I found this pic of “15 useful knots” in fair use territory via google.

15 useful knots

And here’s 7 more “useful knots” via google:

boat knots
As for the MotherEarthNews 10 knots, I have removed the image out of courtesy to their admin.  To see the full image just click the new pic below.

Nelson HA HA

Now, go out there and tie something or someone up!!



6 responses

7 05 2007
John Rockhold

Hello. Thank you for the blog post about our article on knots, we appreciate the recognition. However, please remove our images from your blog. It’s fine and great to refer to the images and the text with a link to our site and/or the article, but please take down the images. Thanks.

7 05 2007

I linked to your site. I even shrunk the image down and linked the image itself to your site. One would think that the image was within fair use especially in this context.

However, because you insist, I have taken down your image from this blog.

I have also removed all other links to your site which is full of pop-ups and spyware, as a safety precaution to my readers.

8 05 2007
John Rockhold

Thanks for taking it down. I wasn’t trying to be a jerk about it, nor did I make a huge and forceful deal out of it. It’s just a thorny issue because we have photographers and illustrators who hold copyrights and don’t want their stuff reused all over the Web. Thanks TMBBITW.

8 05 2007

In that context it makes sense and seems alot less menacing. Most sites and people are ok with reposting an image as long as you don’t hotlink from their site and you give full credit to the original poster. But if its up to the photographers then that’s not on you or Mother Earth News.

Thanks for the explanation.

FYI – Your site really is full of pop-ups and naughty cookies. The pop-ups keep coming even when you just nav to a new page!! You may want to fix that, its considered a faux pas by many a net jockey.

9 05 2007
John Rockhold

I have a quick question if you don’t mind — how did you come across our knot article?

9 05 2007

I keep an eye on their feed to see if anything interesting catches my eye. The knots article seemed kewl, so I posted it.

A few days later lifehacker.com also had a post about your article, guess they watch the same SEO stuff that I do.

I think its still in the del.icio.us list of popular links, but it may be way down the list by now.

I guess that’s it.

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