G2P: Find Music, Software, Ebooks and More To Download Free!!

5 05 2007

G2P, the latest site that does all the Google advanced search strings, Google Dorking and or Google Hacking for you.  Many people already know the kewl Google search strings to find music files and whatever else you may want to download, but this site takes all that extra typing out of the process.

G2P Beta v0.2: Google helps me find the goods
What does G2P do?
-G2P (Google to Person) uses some crafty Google searches to help locate open directories or otherwise shared files. These searches are nothing secret (In fact, take a look at the results, so you can see how it is done. However, it is much easier to remember g2p.org than these complex searches. Really I put this site together to make it easier on me, and then shared it with you.

Here are the different type of search restrictions you can apply to your quest for that one file that will make your life complete:


Looks good to me.  I even like the site design 😉

Of course as with some of the other sites that will do the Google hacking for you, you may not always get the results you were looking for.  In that case I still recommend good ol’ fashioned Google Dorking.




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