The Identity Theft Sham via Zug

4 05 2007

The infamous pranksters over at ZUG have done it again with the most hilariously written Credit Card “safety” debunking pranks I have seen to date.  I mean this goes way and above the one where he signed random names on different receipts.  They set out to prove that the “identity theft protection” fee you pay isn’t worth crap. 

Here’s a quick intro:

Do credit card companies really care about identity theft fraud?

Credit card companies don’t give a rat’s ass.

That’s the conclusion I’ve reached after years of doing stunts like The Credit Card Prank, where I forged fake names to credit card receipts, and The Visa Prank, where dim-witted customer service representatives let me break into credit card accounts.

So when I got an offer in the mail for a new
“IdentityMonitor” service from Citi, which supposedly protects you from
identity theft, I laughed. First, because I was sure it wouldn’t work.
Second, because they were offering it to one of my own stolen

“John Myers” is one of the many pseudonyms that I’ve used for pulling off various credit card pranks: a real credit card with a fake name. I was amused that Citi was offering me the chance to “guard my good name,” even though the name wasn’t good.

So I immediately signed up for the identity theft service, using my thieved name.

You absolutely have to read the whole article: Credit Card Criminal: The Identity Theft Prank

It is hilarious and it really exemplifies just how little that “identity monitor” or whatever is worth in term sof actual protection.

As a teaser you can listen to this cutomer service call that they recorded regarding the Identity Theft problem.  CLICKY CLICKY

Its an MP3 file and it is hilarious, while at the same time really disturbing at just how easy it is to steal an identity AND just how little credit card companies care.

As an aside I wonder if he really kept all that fertilizer?  I mean what are you going to do with $300 worth of fertilizer?  Just wondering…

Good on Ya ZUG.  Best one yet!!



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