Top 8 Legal Absinthe Links via BuzzFeed

2 05 2007

Absinthe – BuzzFeed

Food Buzz!! Lucid Absinthe Superieure will be coming to America…and it’s legal! Please report back with any fun hallucination stories. Thanks!

Neuvo Impressionism here we come!!

Here’s the links:

  1. Discussion: Have you ever tried absinthe?
  2. Lucid Absinthe Tests Thujone-Free – Is It Logistically Real Absinthe?
  3. How I Became Obsessed with Absinthe
  4. Absinthe Creates Heated Debate Amongst Commenters
  5. “The buzz has an odd way of focusing the mind” – From the “New York Times”
  6. You’ll Have to Fly to Europe for Real Thujone
  7. This Should Come in Handy: USB Absinthe spoon
  8. The green fairy returns, worm(wood) and all!

I heart Buzzfeed ;P

Seriously though, write a comment if you have any experience with the new legal version of Absinthe, or if you’ve gone abroad and tasted the little green fairy.

Happy Day Dreams!!



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