How To Beat You Tube? Don’t Suck! Top 5 Video Sharing Sites

2 05 2007

This post from tech crunch:

Forget YouTube: Go To These Sites If You Want Hard Core Copyright Infringing Content

Doesn’t just tell you where to watch the good shit on the web, but it also exemplifies how to compete with a net juggernot like YouTube.  How, you say?  By letting people watch what they wanna watch.

Here are some examples as per TechCruntch, Watch…

The Office on DailyMotion

Scrubs on GoFish

SouthPark on Veoh

SouthPark on

And new site VideoHybrid is in a class of its own, with dozens of full length movies and virtually every popular TV show. VideoHybrid even gives statistics showing exactly how many times copyrights have been violated.

That’s right, South Park is on there TWICE.  I’m sort of over South Park, but hey its free.  I like free.  Do you?

I also like boobs, if you do a search for boobs on DailyMotion you get some good shit.

Oh yeah, back on topic.  These sites are keeping up with YouTube by letting copyrighted material flow freely.  But don’t worry it in no way hurts the actors writers or porducers of these movies or TV shows.  In fact these sites probably drive interest in actually watching the show on TV or renting the DVD of that movie, and then ripping it.  ;P

Enjoy Passing the time at work.



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