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2 05 2007

The long time home of sensitive documents got a takedown notice for posting the info about the US Coast Guard’s TEMPEST fucktardedness. The site is still up but the notice is for May 4th. However, I have a feeling that Cryptome will be back up just as fast as The Pirate Bay was after that craptardiness.

Here’s why Crptome thinks its being punted:

1 May 2007.

A. writes:

I couldn’t help but notice that Verio issued the shutdown notice on the same day that you posted the first information from the Coast Guard Deepwater program debacle.

Is is possible that either the Coast Guard or Lockheed is behind shutting you down?

cg-unmet.htm        + Coast Guard Unmet TEMPEST Requirements           April 23, 2007
cg-ugly.htm         + Ugly Questions for Coast Guard on TEMPEST        April 22, 2007
cg-leakage2.htm     + Michael DeKort on Coast Guard TEMPEST Leakage    April 22, 2007
cg-leakage.htm      + James Atkinson on Coast Guard TEMPEST Leakage    April 21, 2007
cg-screwup.htm      + Coast Guard Big Time Screw Up                    April 20, 2007


A, you hit the nail on the head. The Deepwater expose, and attempts to conceal it, point to the prime suspect for the shutdown. Verio would not buckle for anything less, based on past practice, and are probably hoping the shutdown would be seen for what it really is: they’ve been ordered not to disclose anything which would call attention to the Deepwater material and its threat to national security.

Freedom of speech ain’t so free no more. The great thing is that all the info Cryptome already posted was all in text. So finding a cached version of whatever you’re looking for should be easy. Google has tons of Cryptome contents cached here:  CLICKY CLICKY

In any case start mirroring as much as you can, if for anything at least to piss off the gov’t ;P

Cuz its fun silly. Plus Bush was in the coast guard so that makes them suck by default. Oh and that movie with Ashton Kutcher didn’t help either.



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