The LiveCD List: Over 300 Live CD’s, With Custom Lists (Downloads)

25 04 2007

The LiveCD List is a huge list of live linux CD’s, maintained by FROZENTECH. What’s really cool about this site is that the list is customizable by what you want your live CD to do, what they call “Primary Function”. Once you have your desired list you can sort by “Name”, “Votes” or even size.

Lets say, I only want to see Live CD’s that deal with security, ie hacking.

Here’s are their top 5 out of 25 security CD’s:

[go vote]
ISO Size (megabytes)
Min Max
Primary Function Download Links
9 WHAX 574 574 Security
5 INSERT 49 49 Security
3 KCPenTrix 401 401 Security
2 BackTrack 625 625 Security
2 Knoppix STD 497 497 Security
1 Frenzy 200 200 Security

As you can see, not only do you get the list of discs but you get download links and each CD’s link on Wikipedia and or DistroWatch. Note that not all of these “LiveCD’s” are listed on DistroWatch, so you are really getting the best list possible.

You can even vote on your favorite live CD’s on FrozenTech’s: Live CD forum. Looks like BackTrack needs a bit of a boost in the votes department. 😉

Because of the sheer amount of information plus the ability to customize your list, this is the best of the best as far as keeping tabs on your favorite Live CD as well as learning about others.

Last but not least, you can also learn how to make your own LiveCD at their Wiki: Create a LiveCD

Good on ya FrozenTech!! Keep up the sweet list!



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