Half-Tiger Half-Cat Hybrid: Toygers Top 6 Links via BuzzFeed

25 04 2007

Toygers via BuzzFeed

I heart buzzfeed:

ToygersHalf-cat, half-tiger hybrids are the new superpets. OMG and when you put five of them together, they pose like they’re in a band!

  1. It’s a house cat! It’s a tiger! The New Superpet
    by life.com
  2. The World Is Overrun with Unwanted Cats and Kittens Already!
    by naturalnotes3.wordpress.com
  3. Cute Overload Explains what a Toyger Is
    by mfrost.typepad.com
  4. $4000 Price Tag Prohibitive for Some Anxious Wannabe Toyger Owners
    by kimberly2u.wordpress.com
  5. Dude, I Totally Want One of Those
    by suicidegirls.com
  6. “Sumatra” Creator Hopes Pets Will Inspire People to Care about Wild Tiger Conservation
    by news.nationalgeographic.com

This is friggin crazy!! I have so many questions. Are they safe? What do they eat? Does catnip have the same crack like effect on these things? Does this finally tip the scales in the ongoing war of cats vs dogs?  Only time will tell…

On a darker note, I wonder if there will be some culture that considers various parts of a Toyger to be medicinal and then Toygers will be hunted near extinction?  Or at the very least will they make good rugs for ostentatiously rich wierdos?

I still know one thing though, I’d still rather have a pet chimpanzee!!



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25 12 2008

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28 10 2015


Half-Tiger Half-Cat Hybrid: Toygers Top 6 Links via BuzzFeed | TheMostBoringBlogInTheWorld

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