Hacker Hunters (Oh My!)

25 04 2007

I was thinking about my post on cybertoline.com ans I came across this article: Hacker Hunters

Its a pretty old article from suck-0.com, but it proves a point I was trying to make about the people who are supposed to be protecting us.  They need to learn how to hack, its that simple.  As you can see from the excerpt below:

There’s a new breed of crime-fighter prowling cyberspace: the hacker hunters. Spurred by big profits, professional cyber-criminals have replaced amateur thrill-seeking hackers as the biggest threat on the Web. Software defenses are improving rapidly, but law enforcement and security companies understand they can no longer rely on technology alone to deal with the plague of virus attacks, computer break-ins, and online scams. Instead, they’re marshaling their forces and using gumshoe tactics to fight back — infiltrating hacker groups, monitoring their chatter on underground networks, and when they can, busting the baddies before they do any more damage.

…These agencies are not actually doing the security work themselves.  They still hire hackers and security professionals, instead of taking the time to learn how to take care of these problems themselves.  There are several reasons why the “proper” authorities NEED to learn about hacking, but the most important is to actually be able to BE an authority.  The internet, computers and hackers are here to stay.  The more our “protectors” avoid actually learning anything about information security, the less safe the average user is.  For now, the “Hacker Hunters” is just a group of hackers that the govt hires, that’s like asking a clepto to watch your coin collection, it just not a good idea.

Just a thought.



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