100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (both for Mac and Win)

25 04 2007

MakeUseOf.com has this sweet list of 100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (both for Mac and Win). Daaaaamn, they even caught MAC portable apps! All credit HAS to go to Aibek who wrote this whole thing for MakeUseOf.com.

Check it out, Catagories:

  1. Portable Office Software
  2. Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs
  3. Portable Text and Voice Messengers
  4. Portable Media Tools (Audio / Video)
  5. Portable Graphics Viewers and Image Editors
  6. Portable Browsers and Web Tools (FTP, Feedreaders, Torrent clients…)
  7. Portable Security Software
  8. Portable Games
  9. Other Portable Utilities
  10. Portable Developer Tools (Techies Only)
  11. All-In-One Packages
  12. Portable Operating Systems (’HowTo’ Articles)
  13. USB ThumDrive Tips

Note that these links will take you to each of their sorted catagories. For the whole list click -HERE-

They even have some tutorials and tips! This list is simply exhaustive and I’ll probably be combing it for hours!

Big ups to MakeUseOf.com for this kick ass list and all the hard work that must have gone into it. Don’t forget to explore the rest of their site, they have tons of great articles.  Especially this one: Best Articles

BTW – Blogrolled!

Enjoy fellow bored people!!



3 responses

26 04 2007
Technofriends Team

Pretty cool info..

Thanks for commenting our blog.
Technofriends Team

26 04 2007
Technofriends Team

Yeah agree with you on Live cd.. Are you planning to write down on Cell Phone hacking sometime?

26 04 2007

Depends on what type of hacks you are talking about. If you mean stuff like cloning, then I have no clue how to do any of that. If you mean the regular, get internet access or change the UI hacks, then I can do that for regular cells and smart phones. BlueTooth hacks are everywhere as far as data collection. Most people don’t realize they need to keep their BT turned off unless they are using it right then and there.

I could post all the Motorola Q hacks that I have done, and the linux hacks that I know about. The thing with cell phone UI hacking is that you usually have to be really good at res hacking. If you fuck up, then that’s your phone. I’ve only done a few of those on some old Verizon phones.

Anyways, I’ll see what I can put together. Finals are coming up so it probably won’t be anytime within the next two weeks.


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