VX Chaos File Server Gone?

24 04 2007

Say it ain’t so say it ain so… I SAID SAY IT AIN”T SO!!

There’s a rather conspicuous gap in the net and I have no clue whats going on. If you look at the sidebar, you’ll see that the VXCHAOS button is all wierd.

I can’t find it anywhere either. I googled Azag and all kinds of stuff, but no results.

Big shout out to Azag! Just asking what’s up?



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25 04 2007

Should read…

VX Chaos Server Gone?


VX CHAOS File Server Gone?

…But, “I’m just busting your balls,” as the saying goes.
But no big deal sorry had to nit pick I had a bad day already and came to find this after my friend had just left from visiting who I hadn’t seen in 2 years. That was depressing enough and now I come to find my site doesn’t work because of something to do with CJB which I hope to get an answer about after I email them later.

I will take a moment to bang my head against ther wall a bit. Honestly unsure what happened try my IP in the mean time but keep trying my site too.



….For now BUT please as soon as it changes UNLESS your surfing in to visit my site from China or another country that has an ISP banning free redirected servcies like CJB.net and the others please DON’T use my damn IP once a “real” domain name is back up. Thanks in advance people. =p
This is and has already screwed up Google beyond repair and may also be why CJB is trying to stick it to me figuring, “what is the sense in using US if the name is gone! We get no credit so let’s freeze that guy’s acccount.” Or at least that is one possible hypothesis that comes to my mind lol and of course that would be at the very least a valid point.

Maybe? They the infamous CJB.net decided to can my account or put on hold since they got no adds out of me. Maybe I will put up a banner for them if they simply straighten this out and that is what they want I imagine?!
Still though my guess is it was CJB pulling plug until I either pay them for redirection or put up a banner. I guess they could not force feed me site a banner unlike crappy little free hosted sites do but obviously now they can by dogging me with no redirection service for whatever the reason. I doubt I could use very many resources but maybe they have some invisible time limit for free stuff they provide that I overlooked. I hope to find out and I hope this can be fixed. I hate to have to jump to another redirection service provider again only to be shunned in a year or two for no good reason like before. Let’s hope I can get this fixed by workign w/ CJB.net and come to a happy conclusion. If not I have others lined up. And also I want to say to NO-IP.com my first redirect service that they can go fuck a dead horse for with their lame ass bullshit ToS. Suck it No-IP suck it long and suck it hard you whining little no backboned shit eating loser jizz bagz!!!
Everyone else enjoy your day and always keep trying Google I guess maybe I will just pay for a damn domain name now. My IP rarely changes so I think I will take my chances.

I am not amused about this whatsoever. =P
Don’t laugh you pricks these things happen. 😉

To be continued……..



*Note server is at this moment on a different computer. Although not truly ready since I didn’t fix some icons and other cosmetic things (non-security related issues let’s call them) yet that I meant to change but I figured, what the heck, I will test it in the mean time. Happy downloadign for those that can find the site now and hopefully more easily in the near future. =)

**On an unrelated note I do not have a deviantart page nor do I use youtube or myspace accounts so please don’t mistake your google searches with that kid as being me. I am 35 and not a kid, I hate myspace and our bios are radically as different as night and day. I have no idea who that person is but then again I don’t even care at this point. I am tired of being bothered by trivial shit such as poseurs, site hijackers, spammers, theives, “plastic” people, clones and gangster wannabes. Everyone has a path to choose I guess before they find their true self. I have more important issues to deal with. Perhaps he is just a fan of the site but who knows or cares. I just thought people should know that. 😉

25 04 2007

therealdonquixote thanks for checking up on the site. Also glad to see your more active again here. Remember if we all give up on speaking our minds “big brother” wins. I don’t think we want that. =-0 heh

22 05 2007

VX CHAOS File Server is back.
The site can be reached at these URLs:




I may be temporarily down at times for a few upgrades to site so don’t panic if site won’t load. If it doesn’t load at first try [Refresh] button to check and if that doesn’t work just try one of the other addresses or try back a little later, if I am down for maintenance or something. Site is now approximately double in size to nearly 85GB and almost 20,000 files but still more sorting to be done. I will be trying to add a forum and a few other features in the near future if all goes as planned. Thanks again for therealdonquixote’s support and all the other sites and friends which have helped, linked back or visited along the way. Feel free to pass the word along where its’ appropriate but just don’t spam it. 😉

CJB.net can go suck it.

Here’s something for those like CJB and NO-IP who tried to screw me over with some lame excuse.

..\…………….. /……..\………………/

To all who supported us in past, present and future, I wish to say, thanks. 🙂
Peace all…


29 05 2007

Hmm…I prolly should check for an xss vuln but that would be too malicious….hope the filters are tight..well here goes.

AZAg Im Fucking Glad Those MOthefuckerS!! did not TAke You OUt!! what the FUCK would WE do Without CHAOS??? IM so glad!! Dude, I’m With YOU 101%!!! nothing CAN STOP US!!!

21 09 2007

I guess CJB.net aren’t such bad guys after all. As stange as it might seem to others and myself:


…is now back up.

I not complaining and I probably won’t question it. 😉
A big thanks for all the support of those whom wanted to view my site.


21 09 2007

Great and now it stopped working!?! Hmm, why did they do that?
Was it some kind of slip up? X-) It was up for at least a few days and now nothing.

15 06 2012

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