File Under L@L – 5 Geek Squad Manuals

21 04 2007

LEAKED: 5 More Geek Squad ManualsFrom The Consumerist

Hilarious post. You have to read it, just click the link above.

My favorite line from the post:

[…] you could learn how to open up your own Geek Squad store. Sort of like a lemonade stand, except instead of turning lemons into a tasty beverage, you turn laptops into lemons.

Here are the manuals for download, just in case you are curious:
NOTE: I did not hot-link The Consumerist’s download link, yay me for being concious of other people’s bandwidth. My file is free hosted though so you can hotlink it all you want.

Anyways, There are actually six of them as the troubleshooting manual came out some time ago. The names of the files are as follows:

  1. Data Backup Checklist
  2. VoIP Training
  3. Double Agent Handbook
  4. Camcorder Training Guide
  5. WiFi troubleshooting leave-behind

My personal favorite would be the Double Agent Handbook, just cause it has “Double Agent” in the title.

Srsly though, read the post over at the Consumerist , its funny as all hell and you can support the blog by “Digging” their post.

Keeping information free,




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