Hackers Start Your Engines, NSA Posts Baseline System Setup Guides Online

16 04 2007

This little link here has system setup guides via http://www.nsa.gov that are apparently:

“currently being used throughout the government and by numerous entities as a security baseline their systems.”

Just click here >-Operating Systems Guides-< for the main page.  Then follow the links to the system setup you want to hack/study.  For ease of use here are the system setups they have available:

Security Configuration Guides

  > Operating Systems

      > Apple Mac OS X 10.3 ‘Panther’   

      > Apple Mac OS X 10.4 ‘Tiger’   

      > Microsoft Windows XP 

      > Microsoft Windows 2000 

      > Microsoft Windows Server 2003 

      > Sun Solaris 8 

      > Sun Solaris 9 

Oddly enough Windows Vista doesn’t seem to be up there ;-P

And yes I did :Deep link, oh I went there!!

Here’s a hint, any system with a Windows XP setup is vulnerable to at least this one huge security hole:  If you boot to the repair screen with a Windows 2k disc on an XP system you have total control without having to know any user names or passwords what so ever.  Not to mention all the forensic tools on Backtrack 2.  The possibilities aren’t really endless, but they certainly aren’t that hard to find.  I really hope the NSA has some other tricks up their sleeves besides what they have posted, cause I’m starting to get skerd for my National Security as it pertains to computers.

The really funny thing here is that the GOV (and their contractors) keeps losing laptops with mucho sensitive info, now they have published their baseline security measures, so the next laptop they lose will be even more of an open book.  How tard is that?!?!

NOTE: DO NOT hack into any system that is not your own, it is against the law which makes it a really bad idea.  TMBBITW takes no responsibility for anyone being a total retard and trying to hack into ANY system much less one that the government owns.  Bottom line, don’t be an idiot, this info is for learning.  *Remember, the golden rule has changed.  Those that have the gold make the rules, but they make them according to what the people with knowledge tell them how to make them.  So go get some knowledge and with it you will gain freedom to play Karl Rove to some rich dumbass with plenty of dough to pay you to “secure” their intranet or maybe even just their fancy OEM laptop.

Stay bored people, it just might get you somewhere (hopefully not jail).



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