6 03 2007 – Supplying offensive security products to the world

I got this little gem in my email today.

Dear donquixote

BackTrack v.2.0 Final is out!
It’s taken us almost 5 months to pull ourselves out of the beta stage. Every time we thought we were done, a new idea or improvement would surface, and we just *had* to implement it. Many features were added, and many of the old (yet persistent) bugs were fixed.

We honestly believe that BackTrack v 2.0 Final is the leanest, meanest and sexiest version to come out and hope that you enjoy using it as much as we did making it.

Get yours at

=== Wireless Attacks @ their best ===
* We included a bunch of new drivers into the latest release and where able to make the desired packet injection functionalities to a wider audience.
* By supporting the new ALFA USB hi-power devices there is now a great USB wireless dongle available which allows us to connect an external antenna and use BackTrack to attack even on Intel Macbook or VMware.
* Broadcom 43xx based cards should be able to inject – a bit sloppy but should work.
* The following drivers are now on our CD:
* madwifi-ng (Patched for Injection)
* hostap (Patched for Injection)
* prism54 (Patched for Injection)
* bcm43xx (Patched for Injection)
* rtl8180 (Patched for Injection)
* rtl8187 (Patched for Injection)
* ipw2200 (Patched for Injection)
* rt2570 (ASPj’s Drivers)
* rt2500
* rt61
* rt73
* ipw2100
* ipw3945
* acx100
* zd1211rw

=== Faster @ Work ===
* Most of our Main-menu entries have a grouping “All” menu, which allows the experienced user to quickly find a tool.
* Less experienced users are guided through the new menu structure to find the right tools for the right tasks.

=== Alignment to Open Standards and Frameworks ===
* Being superior while staying easy to use is key to a good security live cd. We took things a step further and aligned BackTrack to Penetration Testing Methodologies and Assessment Frameworks (ISSAF and OSSTMM). This will help our professional users during their daily reporting nightmares. Please help us by providing entries in HCL (Hardware compatibility list)
* Meet us at #remote-exploit

\u003d\u003d\u003d Thank You \u003d\u003d\u003d
* We would like to thank every developer, tester and our users. Without you, BackTrack would simply not be what it is today, But most of all we like to thank our wives and families who supported us with this creative endeavor.

Signing out,

Muts, Max  and Mjm

“,0] ); //–>* The most obvious alignment can be seen in the menu structure and framework documentation that has been included into BackTrack.
* We suggest that you take your time to read the Frameworks, especially the ISSAF methodology guide.
* Unfortunately we were not able to include a newer OSSTMM paper because they did not release it to the public.

=== Cutting Edge Exploitation Framework & Information ===
* We put extra effort in integrating Metasploit Framework3 as well as the Stable Metasploit Framework2. Features such as db_autopwn, Wifi driver exploits etc are all functional.
* Default password lists and online resources have been added and updated.

=== Latest Tech ===
* Packages are now based on the Slax 6 LZM format, which allowed use to get more space and work in a more stable environment
* We are running on a tweaked Kernel 2.6.20
* Apple patches are applied
* Broad Wireless Card Support
* Lorcon Wifi / Metasploit integration
* Wireshark Wifi Frame Injection patch
* Japanese Input support
* Over 300 updated security tools
* New section related to VoIP

=== Disappointments ===
As usual, Nessus is not included into BackTrack as Tenable forbid redistribution.

=== Community ===
* The public wiki project is available at Please help us by providing entries in HCL (Hardware compatibility list)
* Meet us at #remote-exploit

For those of you that don’t know, Backtrack is THE best Pen-Testing (read Hacking) linux distribution that exists.  The FBI uses Backtrack.   I have been using BackTrack since it first came out after “Auditor” which was Remote-Exploits first security suditor suite.  Backtrack, went above and beyond Auditor and I am more than sure Backtrack 2.0 FINAL will more than suit my needs.  With more than 300 hacking, i mean “security testing” toys packed into a sleek linux OS you really can’t beat it.  Plus its totally free!!

See you in cyberspace and probably on the Backtrack Forums.



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