Measuring Happiness

22 02 2007

“The binary metrics of happiness, according to therealdonquixote (in a PARTICULAR order)”*:

1. One must be able to exert that one gift that mere existence gives all humans, “Free Will”.**

2. One must love all that is in existence, from pebbles to people.***

3. One must do and take all things in moderation, even the binary metrics of happiness.****

These binary metrics may seem inalienable or natural law, but for the purpose of this system of measurement they had to be written down to forever exist on “the internets”.

Note: It may very well be found, upon further inspection or interpretation, that binary metric number 2 encompasses all imaginable binary metrics of happiness by extrapolation or correlation, however it is my experience that some things need to be written “out loud” so to speak.
* The titled work and all it contains is released under the following license, which, by the author’s request, overrides the license applied to this blog:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

** Joseph Campbell always said “Follow your bliss”, if one cannot do that in some form or another (as long as they don’t exceed any of the other metrics of happiness) then one cannot be happy.
*** According to The Buddha and Jesus Christ (and countless other world religious doctrines), one cannot be happy if they focus on negative emotions, apparently they eat you up inside, so that means one must love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, treat every living being as sacred, try not to kill any living thing needlessly and so on, loosely according to the teachings of whomever inspires them to love.
**** It is my experience, and the observation of countless other human experiences, that in doing or taking anything to a level that is obviously extreme will inevitably lead to the lack of being happy. For example, alcoholic beverages consumed in vast amounts, either over time or all at once, leads to being unhappy. Another example, an interpretation of some religious “rule”, some social norm, or even a political stance taken to an extreme leads to either personal unhappiness or infringing upon someone else’s happiness, which in turn negates binary metrics 1 and 2.

Fell free to start a revolution, conspiracy, grass roots thingamabob or whatever based on these metrics



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