BitTyrant or uTorrent, Which one is faster? Which one is better? (Downloads)

3 01 2007

I am a fan of uTorrent because of its speed and small footprint on my system, howver I found this new client that toust’s itself as “A selfish bittorrent client that improves performance”.


BitTyrant is a new, protocol compatible BitTorrent client that is optimized for fast download performance. BitTyrant is…

* Fast – During evaluation testing on more than 100 real BitTorrent swarms, BitTyrant provided an average 70% download performance increase when compared to the existing Azureus 2.5 implementation, with some downloads finishing more than three times as quickly.
* Fair – BitTorrent was designed with incentives in mind: if a user is downloading at 30 KBps, they should upload at 30 KBps. However, due to the unique workload properties of many real-world swarms, this is not always enforced. BitTyrant is designed to make efficient use of your scarce upload bandwidth, rewarding those users whose upload allocations are fair and only allocating excess capacity to other users.
* Familiar – BitTyrant is based on modifications to Azureus 2.5, currently the most popular BitTorrent client. All of our changes are under the hood. You’ll find the GUI identical to Azureus, with optional additions to display statistics relevant to BitTyrant’s operation.

BitTorrent differs from existing clients in its selection of which peers to unchoke and send rates to unchoked peers. Suppose your upload capacity is 50 KBps. If you’ve unchoked 5 peers, existing clients will send each peer 10 KBps, independent of the rate each is sending to you. In contrast, BitTyrant will rank all peers by their receive / sent ratios, preferentially unchoking those peers with high ratios. For example, a peer sending data to you at 20 KBps and receiving data from you at 10 KBps will have a ratio of 2, and would be unchoked before unchoking someone uploading at 10 KBps (ratio 1). Further, BitTyrant dynamically adjusts its send rate, giving more data to peers that can and do upload quickly and reducing send rates to others.

No DHT?  No encryption?  I like the idea behind this, but I like uTorrent for its speed, part of that speed is the encrytion of torrent traffic so your ISP can’t tell that you are using BT and then choke up on your bandwidth.  However, in order to get the DHT to work you have to know how to do “port forwarding” and be willing to open a port on your system that is free of any firewall.

So for ease of use probably go with BitTyrant, even though it is a bit naughty.  However, For a bit more speed I’ll stick with uTorrent.

L8s M8s



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