KTorrent Is uTorrent For Linux!!! (Download)

31 12 2006

KTorrent : BitTorrent client for KDE

The fastest Bittorrent client for the Windows OS has been cloned for Linux.  Get em while they’re hot boys!!


of course you will need to pic your architecture, so far they have opensuse, kubuntu and slax.

Oh yeah you could look at the features too:

Feature list :

  • Downloads torrent files
  • Upload and download speed capping
  • Built-in Search
  • UDP Trackers
  • Port forwarding with UPnP
  • IP blocking plugin
  • Importing of partially or fully downloaded files
  • Support for distributed hash tables (mainline version)
  • Protocol encryption
  • Bandwith scheduling
  • Directory scanner to automatically load torrents in certain directories
  • Trackers can now be added to torrents
  • File prioritization for multi file torrents
  • Switched the GUI to an IDEAl style GUI (like KDevelop)
  • WebGUI plugin
  • RSS plugin
  • Grouping feature to put torrents into groups

Oh teh sw33tne55!11!!!!1!1!!1!



11 responses

31 12 2006
Planeta OpenSUSE » KTorrent Is uTorrent For Linux!!! (Download)

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31 01 2008

great….. kool……

9 05 2008


22 08 2011

not bad

6 07 2008

so this works for linux centOS? cause i need a torrent downloader so i can download fruityloops cracked version lol.

12 03 2009

Fata Fati

14 07 2009


15 10 2009

I need help on
where to download wine for RHEL5
installing wine on RHEL5 and
and where to get torrent for RHEL5

13 07 2010

Does this works for Ubuntu ?

7 04 2012

very shit

17 10 2012

is wine necessary to install this torrent

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