SNL Conspiracy Theory Rock Banned!! Only Aired Once! (Video)

28 12 2006

This is too friggin funny not to air over and over again just cause your purse strings are being tugged at:

thnx reddit



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29 12 2006
HiiFii Celebrity Entertainment - Celebrity News » “Kim Kardashian says there’s no sex tape” Links

[…] Sorry I wasn’t around much today. I was off shopping with my husband after our anniversary. Those outlet malls are crazy. I’ll be back tomorrow. – Kim Kardashian denies that there’s a sex tape of her and her ex Ray-J as a recent blind item suggested [Hollyscoop] – Kim Kardashian might be a porn star anyway [IDLYITW] – Lindsay Lohan apologizes to the stripper whores [CelebWarship] – If you like slasher movies and can appreciate creative killing, you might enjoy Black Christmas [Pajiba] – Charlize Theron’s ass on the beach [Gabsmash] – The Bastardly guys get to write off their South American vacation by posting videos and pictures of the bikini contest they attended. [The Bastardly] – Top ten celebrity fights of 2006 [Best Week Ever] – Saturday Night Live’s Conspiracy Theory Rock (School House Rock Parody) [The Most Boring Blog] – Jake Gyllenhaal helped save stuff from a fire at an inn he was staying at with his family [Mollygood] – Britney Spears’ fansite dumps her [Derek Hail] – This story about Jennifer Aniston throwing baby dolls in the fire to get over Brangelina can’t be true, but it’s damn funny. [yeeeah] – James Brown lying in state at the Apollo [DListed] – Video of the crowd of people waiting outside the Apollo theatre to pay their respects to James Brown [Gawker] – Steelers kicker takes a semi-nude cellphone picture of himself. What could go wrong? [Socialite’s Life] – Larry Birkhead wants everyone to know that Dannielynne, Anna Nicole’s baby, looks just like him as a baby [Celebrity Baby Scoop] – Brandon and Dylan together again [ICYDK] – Pamela Anderson had a bad date [PopSugar] – Pamela Anderson wears underwear thankfully [Haute Gossip] – Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, want everyone to know they’re doing fine [Celebrity Puke] – Cute evening clutches [Lady Licorice] – Carmen Electra and Joan Jett rumors resurface [Glitterati] […]

4 04 2011
מתנות לפסח

I can;t belive it.. strange

25 05 2011
ניהול תיקי השקעות

yet another conc .. left for us to decide

10 07 2011
מכינה לעיצוב

Aired only once, but it was enough to leave a mark..

19 10 2011

together again

15 11 2011

Already forgotten..

9 04 2012

It will not prove it self so easily

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