Blu-ray Already Ripped on PS3

28 12 2006

IGN: Blu-ray Already Ripped on PS3

What can I say, DRM is a waste of time and money.

Hack from PS3NEWS:

Just as we broke the news of the World’s First PS3 Blu-ray Game Dump several days ago, today CJPC has dumped the first PS3 Blu-ray Movie as well- namely Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby! Before we get into the specifics, the reason why many in iRC EFnet #PS3News were having issues dumping a PS3 MOVIE (via Linux on PS3) versus a PS3 GAME is because the Blu-ray MOVIE filesystem differs being UDF 2.5 and the stock PS3 Linux kernel only has support for 2.01. When attempting to MOUNT the disc you will receive the following error: UDF-fs: minUDFReadRev=250 (max is 201). It’s important to NOTE that you do not need to mount the drive to be able to do a raw read from it.

In order to succesfully dump PS3 Blu-ray MOVIE discs, you must use the command: dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso, however, there is an untested patch available for 2.50 which may work… we will update on this after CJPC recompiles the kernel and verifies whether it works or not. For those who updated to v1.11 Firmware today, CJPC has also confirmed that it will not adversely affect (block) the dumping of PS3 discs so that is refreshing news indeed!

Keep on hackin in a free world…



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