Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Case

22 12 2006

Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Case – washingtonpost.com

I knew there was something fishy  about this story from the start:

The district attorney dropped rape charges Friday against the three Duke University lacrosse players after the stripper who accused them changed her story again. But the men still face kidnapping and sex charges that could bring more than 30 years in prison.A lawyer for one of the athletes bitterly demanded that District Attorney Mike Nifong drop the remaining counts, accusing him of offering shifting theories of the crime in an attempt to win the case at any cost.

Well the Rape Charges were at least dropped.  But these kids lives are ruined.  That stripper could go onto porn stardom, like Divine Brown.  For the rest of those kids lives people will say “I dunno, they must have done something.”  The sad truth is maybe they did, but we’ll never know.  Instead of actually producing evidence and a solid case the prosocuters just went at it.  Bottom line, before you ruin someone’s life, have at the very least a solid case.  These kids don’t have the resources Kobe did.  I mean yeah they go to Duke, but can they return?  Can they go on with Lacrosse?  They will be the butt of every joke the opposing teams can think of.

The whole thing sucks.  I hate rapists, but I hate the lopsided view that America has towards Sex offenses and Men.  Usually people just assume that the male is guilty in any case; sexual harassment, rape whatever the charge is, the man gets the default guilty from the court of public opinion.  This sucks.



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