The Blasphemy Challenge

21 12 2006

I didn’t even know this existed, but it is funny as shit. The “Rational Response Squad” has issued a “challenge” on youtube to anyone out there who is willing to “deny the holy spirit” and be damned to hell. They are giving away

Now if you want to enter “The Blasphemy Challenge” yourself you will have to visit the official website:


Rules Check their vid:

There are over 300 responses so far, so you better get your’s in now if you want a chance at winning those DVD’s. You can post a video response here. Then enjoy the warmth and company of HELL (oooOOOOooooOOOhhhhh **scary noises etc**).

Oh, Buzzfeed, you have done it once again and tickled my pickle!! I didn’t even know there was a blasphemy challenge out there?!?!

The Blasphemy Challenge – BuzzFeed

  1. Film Lays Out Case that Jesus Never Existed


  2. Richard Dawkins, Prominent Atheist, Targets Christianity But Leaves Jews and Muslims Alone


  3. The Blasphemy Challenge Seeks Out Teenybopper Websites to Gain Participants


  4. War on Christmas Has Been Won


  5. Getting All Technical with the Bible and Sh*t


  6. If You Do This, Jesus Will NOT Forgive You!!!!!


  7. Officially Declared “Viral”


I heart Buzzfeed.

Does not paticularly careing for the cinematography in “The Passion Of The Christ”, or just plain hating its ghey little cousin “The Nativity” count?  Or hows about really strongly disliking Mel Gibson?  Cause TRDQ doesn’t do video responses.



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